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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Books are evil

Okay so they aren't really evil but reading them does make me slack off big time on the blog front which I don't like to do. Last week I read... and read... not one, not two, not three but four books. Yes four books. In four days no less. See I have this slight problem err addiction, once I pick up a book, I have a very very hard time finding a good place to stop and put said book down. Instead I end up staying up way too late reading until I finish the book or literally can't keep my eyes open any longer. Then once the books were finishing I had to catch up on all the house work I slacked off on ha! Now I realized I have two more books I want to read hanging out in drawer where I put them since I didn't have a chance to start them because I knew I wouldn't put them down. So if I disappear again you'll know now why. 

So here begins all the ever so interesting things we've been up to that I'm sure you are dying to hear about. Ha! (Mostly so I can look back on this later) 

I start most days with a trip here - the Y. This was a Saturday since Abby was with us. We've been going here over 3 years now - it's my guilt free mommy time. I know my kids are in a great hands since I know all the childcare workers and they enjoy playing there. 

I made rootbeer float zuko pops for the kids. The instructions say not to use carbonated drinks in the zuko but by letting the rootbeer get flat first it worked. These were really good too! 
Lexie hung out on the porch with us while we ate our zuko pops. It was a very pleasant evening with a nice breeze. 
Lexie is getting pretty good at hanging onto her toys so that she can get them in her mouth and chew all over them. Chewing on toys and her hands all day has earned her a new nickname, "Princess drool buckets" Neither Abby nor Micah really drooled much so I didn't buy any bibs for Lexie so we had to remedy that. (I'm sure now the drooling will slow down ha!)
The kids (and Daddy) have all had minor colds last weekend/early this week and so we missed several gym days. I was needing a work out (and a way to keep the kids entertained and not fighting with each other) so we loaded up in the stroller and Abby on her bike to try and take a walk. Usually our walks are to pick up Abby from school which isn't very far or around the zoo/Sea World and Lexie hasn't spent much time in the stroller yet but about 75% of the time she just doesn't like it. We made it all of 5 minutes (.3 miles to be exact) before she was fussing, so I had to carry her back. Thank goodness I can push that stroller one handed! This is one of the reasons I'm grateful for the gym - even if Lexie is in a mood she wants to be held, I can still get a workout in. I'm hoping we can get over this soon with practice so she can stay shaded in the stroller while we are at Sea World and we aren't both a sweaty mess with her in the sling all the time. 
Last Sunday, my parents arrived as my dad had a conference in town. We met them at Lupes for dinner. I was so excited when they put in a Lupes here as I love the locations in Houston I've been to. This one is almost as good as the original as far as the food but it loses several points for not putting in a playground like the other locations I've been too. 
While my mom was in town we finally got to do a little baking project - macarons. We decided on two recipes to try Peanut Butter Chocolate and Strawberry. These were one of my favorite treats I tried while we were in Paris when Gigi and Pops lived there so I was very excited about having them as they aren't something you can easily find around here. 
They turned out really well for our first go at it (well Gigi's second since she took a macaron class while she was in Paris) Since it's been a while we couldn't really compare how close they were to the real deal but they weren't too far off. Strawberry was the favorite for most of us. Now I'm already thinking of what kind I want to make next..... this could be trouble as it's swim suit season already. 

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Traci said...

YUM! Those look really good!! I'm the same way with the books! I don't have kids but the housework & other stuff that needs to be done tends to get neglected!