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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aquatica at Sea World

Tonight Abby and I (and Lexie) got the privilege of seeing the new Aquatica at Sea World San Antonio. At the end of last summer Sea World shut down their water park Lost Lagoon and rebuilt it and added on over the fall/winter/spring to bring us this new oasis of Aquatica. It's opening for the first time this weekend and we got to go tonight to the preview event. We were greeted as we walked in by two beautiful macaws. 
As we walked down the ramp into Aquatica, we got our first look at the park. We saw the stingrays, many of the water slides and the beautiful resort pools they added. I think these pools might be one of my favorite additions. It was what Abby wanted to go to first for sure. There were 6 small slides into a pool that was just the right depth for playing but not too deep either. Lost Lagoon was great in previous summers but it was somewhat limited in offerings for younger kids not quite tall enough for the big slides. This addition was perfect! Even Micah will be able to go down these and I know he'll love that because he keeps wanting to go on the big slides at the Y (but he can't swim to pass the swim test to do those yet.) 
As we moved from one pool to the next, we saw yet another animal - this time a snake. My girl has no fear because she immediately asked to touch it. 
Abby's next request was to find another slide to go down so off we went. We got to this pool which she remembered from Lost Lagoon that has two slides she can go down. However she got distracted by these floating stingrays to cross the pool on. She was determined to get all the way across and she made it after having a little difficulty.
Next we walked over by Wahalla Wave. I'm going to need to bring a designated baby holder next time when Beau can come along so he and I can try out this new water slide. I'm not a roller coaster rider but I can do water slides and this one looks to be pretty thrilling. 

At the base of Wahalla Wave was a nice sandy area with a couple hammocks. One was empty so Abby, sleeping Lexie and I climbed in and relaxed for a little bit. I could so spend a lot of the day here.  Such a nice touch! 
Sandy beaches in San Antonio. Who knew? I bet Micah would like playing in the sand. 
And then another animal encounter. This was a favorite. So not something from your ordinary water park! 
And we ended the evening with a trip to the stingray encounter. Abby declared this her favorite (even thought it took me to the end of the evening to convince her to go over there! So much to see and do!) 
Next time (with baby holder along) I can take Abby down this as well. At the end of this family water slide you go under the sting rays! Can't wait! 

Thanks Sea World for a great evening! Looking forward to our next visit!


Traci said...

This looks so fun! I think I'd love that tube ride in the last picture! I can't believe Abby was touching that snake! Have a great weekend.

Angie said...

Oh wow...these pictures look so fun! I wanna go to SeaWorld soon!

Those sting rays are ginormous!!!