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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alexis: 4 months

Hard to believe it but this sweet peanut is already 4 months old. She's such a content, sweet baby! 
Last month she found her hands and has continue to love to put them in her mouth this month. She's also found her feet though and will hold onto them often when she is on the floor.  She enjoys laying on the floor and watching Abby and Micah play but she also gets tired of laying down and wants to sit up. 
 She'll grab and hold a toy for a short time and usually tries to eat it as well. :) I don't think she's quite ready for food yet... meaning she isn't grabbing food off my plate yet. We held off until 5 months with Abby (and only gave them to her then because she wouldn't take a bottle) and 5.5 months with Micah until he grabbed a roll off Daddy's plate to gnaw on. So we'll hold off a while long with Alexis too. Plus just nursing is much easier than dealing with food.
She started rolling belly to back soon after she turned 3 months even though I said I didn't think she was close but she still doesn't do it on a consistent basis just every once in a while. No rolling from back to belly yet. We are about to pull out the exercauser for her as she's ready for it and enjoyed it at the gym. She also likes to stand while you hold her on your lap.
We don't have our 4 month appointment until the end of the month so I don't know exact stats yet. She can still fit into 0-3 clothes though they are starting to get a little small but not a squeeze yet, though we mostly wear 4-6 month clothes. You are starting to look a little chunky without clothes on though... or at least daddy says so.