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Thursday, May 31, 2012

swim lessons

The past two weeks Micah's been in swimming lessons. He's been having such fun in lessons and does a pretty good job listening and waiting his turn for being the baby of the group (just turned 3 and he's in the 3-5 year old lesson group.) 

He practiced blowing bubbles....
The back float... but he's not a big fan of this and unless he is resting he head on the instructors shoulder he tries to sit up instead of relaxing and floating. 
They had these animal floating things, smaller and less firm than a noodle to hold them around their middle to practice using their arms and kicking. Pretty cute. 
On Thursday, Micah got his chance for his 15 minutes of fame. Abby got hers last year. The news crew was there doing a story on swim lessons so Micah got to be on the news. 

Some more swimming with a noodle this time. 
And jumping in the water at the end. 
He had a lot of fun in swim lessons. He even did go under a couple times. He isn't swimming yet but of course I didn't expect him to be.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

It's been a great Memorial day here. One of my three slept in... the other two not so much but they were content and we lounged and played until Abby woke up. Then it was off to swim lessons for Micah. We ate lunch and had quiet time. Lexie actually took a great nap - she's been hit or miss on those lately. So she was all cheery when she woke up. Can you tell? 
 Abby wanted to make silly faces... ha! 
And of course I got the best picture of all three actually looking with my phone instead of the camera. 
Daddy was home today so we all headed off to the pool... pretty luck like everyone else at the gym decided to do as well. It was at capacity when we got there but we were able to swim about 5 minute after we got there and the kids got to play in the spray park while we waited. The only other time it reached capacity was at the first pool party last summer. Micah had fun showing Daddy everything he'd be learning in swim lessons. 
We stayed for about an hour then we headed to get snow cones so that others waiting to swim could swim. Abby and Micah weren't thrilled to be done swimming and were already asking for the water slide before we even got buckled in the car to head home. So back in the water they went. If the goal of today was to wear them out, I definitely succeeded! 
To finish out the day, Beau grilled hamburgers, corn and some mixed veggies for him and served it with some watermelon. Yum! 

What a wonderful day! 

And a big thank you to those who serve and have served to protect our country! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday afternoon fun

We had barely walked in the door from Church when Micah started his begging to go outside and then Abby chimed in they wanted to play on the water slide. We only had a couple meltdowns while I got lunch ready because I wouldn't let them go out yet since I knew they were hungry (a big hint there was Micah also begging for a "nack!") Lexie hadn't napped more than 20 minutes since she and Micah had woken up at 6:45 so I got her down for a nap and quickly fixed some fajitas for lunch. I'd love to know how babies have that perfect timing to wake up from a nap, no matter how long they have or haven't been sleeping, right when mommy sits down to eat? Because that's totally what happens around here all the time! 

We would have gone out right afterwards but water wears them out so much and the sun is beating down on us in the early afternoon so I wanted to wait until a little later and let them rest since I had two early birds. So books and a few toys on their respective beds it was. I was able to get Lexie to sleep again since she still had only napped for maybe 50 minutes (in two different power naps) between 6:45 and 1pm at this point. But if I moved she would wake up so instead of cleaning up like I had planned I sat and enjoyed some sweet cuddles from my little love. 
Finally (in my kids opinion) nap/rest time was over and outside we went. It was a lovely day outside to sit on the porch with a nice breeze so it wasn't too hot (though this resulted in a very shivery wet Micah!) Lexie and I mainly stayed in the shade on the porch and played while Abby and Micah had a blast on the water slide.
They do think climbing up the slide is a little easier than climbing up the stairs though.
Here comes Micah!
 Lexie was easily entertained by watching Abby and Micah play. I was able to sit and enjoy some yummy tea my mom shared with me from Teavana that just opened in our mall. She got some to take back to her house and she shared a little bit with me. I'm really enjoying the youthberry/orange blossom combo - iced of course not hot in this weather! 
 Once Alexis was tired of the exercauser we pulled out the picnic blanket and rolled around on the porch. I just love her swimsuit. Okay I love all her suits I've found for her... little girl suits are just too darn cute! And putting on a wet swimsuit is no fun so a girl's gotta have several right? 
 Swimming/sliding makes for some hungry kiddos... we were outside so long they needed not one but two snacks. We had watermelon and some goldfish. 
And one more of my itty bitty can't run away from me sweet love. In fact I tried to take a picture of Micah and he put his hand up to say no!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

weekend randoms

My parents were in town all last week and we ket pretty busy so we are having a fairly relaxing weekend. Well somewhat. Today ended up being busier than I wanted because we needed a trip to grocery store. So after the Y, the kids and I went straight to HEB to try and get it done before lunch so we wouldn't have to go out again after lunch. That worked pretty well minus the meltdowns towards the end but that usually happens no matter what. The Tillamook cheese loaf van and guys were there giving out samples and these mustaches. Abby and Micah thought these were fun. 
After lunch, Lexie went down for a nap and the big kids and I went out to play on the blowup water slide. Alexis decided she didn't really want to miss out on the fun and woke up earlier than I expected her too. So she came in the pool part of the water slide with us. She looks pretty darling in her tutu swim suit! 
Then it was off to Bible class for the evening. Lexie wore a sweet little smocked bubble that was mine when I was a babe. She looked so sweet. 

Tomorrow it's Church and home to play and catch up on chores. Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Each year at our church since Micah was a teeny babe on Mother's Day they have volunteers around the Church campus to take pictures of all families. I love that they do this for us! It's become really fun to see how the kids change year to year. 

This year my rolly polly obsessed kids were not into looking at the camera though. Both Abby and Micah were much more interested in staring at the ground in front of us and the rolly pollys that were crawling on the rocks and dirt. So this was the best we got. At least we did get a good family picture taken of us in the blue bonnets only a few weeks earlier. 
Last year (2011) 
Three years ago (2009) Micah was all of 5 days old here - he was so itty bitty! Abby looks pretty little herself here compared to now! 


Books are evil

Okay so they aren't really evil but reading them does make me slack off big time on the blog front which I don't like to do. Last week I read... and read... not one, not two, not three but four books. Yes four books. In four days no less. See I have this slight problem err addiction, once I pick up a book, I have a very very hard time finding a good place to stop and put said book down. Instead I end up staying up way too late reading until I finish the book or literally can't keep my eyes open any longer. Then once the books were finishing I had to catch up on all the house work I slacked off on ha! Now I realized I have two more books I want to read hanging out in drawer where I put them since I didn't have a chance to start them because I knew I wouldn't put them down. So if I disappear again you'll know now why. 

So here begins all the ever so interesting things we've been up to that I'm sure you are dying to hear about. Ha! (Mostly so I can look back on this later) 

I start most days with a trip here - the Y. This was a Saturday since Abby was with us. We've been going here over 3 years now - it's my guilt free mommy time. I know my kids are in a great hands since I know all the childcare workers and they enjoy playing there. 

I made rootbeer float zuko pops for the kids. The instructions say not to use carbonated drinks in the zuko but by letting the rootbeer get flat first it worked. These were really good too! 
Lexie hung out on the porch with us while we ate our zuko pops. It was a very pleasant evening with a nice breeze. 
Lexie is getting pretty good at hanging onto her toys so that she can get them in her mouth and chew all over them. Chewing on toys and her hands all day has earned her a new nickname, "Princess drool buckets" Neither Abby nor Micah really drooled much so I didn't buy any bibs for Lexie so we had to remedy that. (I'm sure now the drooling will slow down ha!)
The kids (and Daddy) have all had minor colds last weekend/early this week and so we missed several gym days. I was needing a work out (and a way to keep the kids entertained and not fighting with each other) so we loaded up in the stroller and Abby on her bike to try and take a walk. Usually our walks are to pick up Abby from school which isn't very far or around the zoo/Sea World and Lexie hasn't spent much time in the stroller yet but about 75% of the time she just doesn't like it. We made it all of 5 minutes (.3 miles to be exact) before she was fussing, so I had to carry her back. Thank goodness I can push that stroller one handed! This is one of the reasons I'm grateful for the gym - even if Lexie is in a mood she wants to be held, I can still get a workout in. I'm hoping we can get over this soon with practice so she can stay shaded in the stroller while we are at Sea World and we aren't both a sweaty mess with her in the sling all the time. 
Last Sunday, my parents arrived as my dad had a conference in town. We met them at Lupes for dinner. I was so excited when they put in a Lupes here as I love the locations in Houston I've been to. This one is almost as good as the original as far as the food but it loses several points for not putting in a playground like the other locations I've been too. 
While my mom was in town we finally got to do a little baking project - macarons. We decided on two recipes to try Peanut Butter Chocolate and Strawberry. These were one of my favorite treats I tried while we were in Paris when Gigi and Pops lived there so I was very excited about having them as they aren't something you can easily find around here. 
They turned out really well for our first go at it (well Gigi's second since she took a macaron class while she was in Paris) Since it's been a while we couldn't really compare how close they were to the real deal but they weren't too far off. Strawberry was the favorite for most of us. Now I'm already thinking of what kind I want to make next..... this could be trouble as it's swim suit season already. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aquatica at Sea World

Tonight Abby and I (and Lexie) got the privilege of seeing the new Aquatica at Sea World San Antonio. At the end of last summer Sea World shut down their water park Lost Lagoon and rebuilt it and added on over the fall/winter/spring to bring us this new oasis of Aquatica. It's opening for the first time this weekend and we got to go tonight to the preview event. We were greeted as we walked in by two beautiful macaws. 
As we walked down the ramp into Aquatica, we got our first look at the park. We saw the stingrays, many of the water slides and the beautiful resort pools they added. I think these pools might be one of my favorite additions. It was what Abby wanted to go to first for sure. There were 6 small slides into a pool that was just the right depth for playing but not too deep either. Lost Lagoon was great in previous summers but it was somewhat limited in offerings for younger kids not quite tall enough for the big slides. This addition was perfect! Even Micah will be able to go down these and I know he'll love that because he keeps wanting to go on the big slides at the Y (but he can't swim to pass the swim test to do those yet.) 
As we moved from one pool to the next, we saw yet another animal - this time a snake. My girl has no fear because she immediately asked to touch it. 
Abby's next request was to find another slide to go down so off we went. We got to this pool which she remembered from Lost Lagoon that has two slides she can go down. However she got distracted by these floating stingrays to cross the pool on. She was determined to get all the way across and she made it after having a little difficulty.
Next we walked over by Wahalla Wave. I'm going to need to bring a designated baby holder next time when Beau can come along so he and I can try out this new water slide. I'm not a roller coaster rider but I can do water slides and this one looks to be pretty thrilling. 

At the base of Wahalla Wave was a nice sandy area with a couple hammocks. One was empty so Abby, sleeping Lexie and I climbed in and relaxed for a little bit. I could so spend a lot of the day here.  Such a nice touch! 
Sandy beaches in San Antonio. Who knew? I bet Micah would like playing in the sand. 
And then another animal encounter. This was a favorite. So not something from your ordinary water park! 
And we ended the evening with a trip to the stingray encounter. Abby declared this her favorite (even thought it took me to the end of the evening to convince her to go over there! So much to see and do!) 
Next time (with baby holder along) I can take Abby down this as well. At the end of this family water slide you go under the sting rays! Can't wait! 

Thanks Sea World for a great evening! Looking forward to our next visit!