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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

worms, roly-polys and snakes oh my

Lately the kids favorite thing any time we are outside has not been their bikes, trikes, power wheels, or swing set. No that would just be silly. Roly-poly, worms and snails are just much more interesting of course. They had bug catchers they got as a party favor last year that they used forever, until they cracked. So I found them new ones in the Target dollar spot and I have some super happy kids! 

They were planning their bug catching expedition here. 
While we were outside, Miss Alexis hung out in the stroller.

The best place to find worms and roly-polys is under the cement landscaping bricks. Now none of these are in their right places anymore. Ha!  (And of course we need to wear our safety glass and tool belt to help us find bugs. 
Micah had to show off the roly-poly he found. Boys go hand in hand with bugs right? 

They couldn't just find 'nice' bugs though.... they also found a little snake. At least they came and told me instead of trying to touch it or anything! 
Beau was mowing the yard while the kids were catching their bugs and as soon as he finished, they couldn't wait to tell him about the snake. He didn't believe them at first since at first glance it does look like a large worm. Until you see the snake scales. So what does Beau do? Why pick it up of course.....  

No doubt around here that spring has definitely arrived!

1 comment :

Traci said...

So funny! Love Micah's outfit. We have an abundance of lizards at my house!! Lots of worms too. Gross.