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Saturday, April 14, 2012

week in review

So if you follow me on instagram or twitter or are on my facebook you've probably seen these but this blog serves as our family's baby book and I want to have these memories documented here so I can look back on them forever (and eventually turn this blog into a real book to look at) so I'm putting them all here as well. 

This week Alexis has really truly found her hands and especially her thumb. When she's awake she is often putting her hands in her mouth or even sucking her thumb. I just might have my first thumb sucker on my hands but the verdict is still out on that. I was looking through old pictures and found many of Micah with his thumb/fists in his mouth and he didn't ever suck his thumb so we'll have to wait and see. But she does look pretty cute with her thumb in her mouth. 
She's also starting to really grab things - I had to switch out wearing my pretty and dainty necklaces to my pretty but also childproof mommy necklaces that won't break from being tugged on. You can see she's not only got my necklace here but her other thumb is in her mouth here. 
We had some downtime in the afternoon before it was time to pick up Abby from school and Micah was having a blast with his toys and his imagination. It was so fun to watch and listen to his playtime. Buzz was rescuing the lamb. (He has decided he likes Lexie's lamb better than his - I think maybe because it looks more like Abby's so I'm just letting him have that one and Alexis will get the one he got in his basket)
And don't you know that dogs ride in the back of dump trucks and on top of airplanes?
Wednesday after a morning workout (body pump) we picked up some chick-fil-a and brought lunch to Abby at school. Micah thought this was pretty neat to be able to eat lunch at Abby's school. I wish I could say we just wanted to see Abby (which we did) but also I forgot we were out of bread for her normal sandwich. Ooops... 
Abby got a little time to love on Lexie before heading back to class. 
Honey is in training to be the next Carl (of my favorite Good Dog Carl series) She's a sweet dog and tolerates a lot of 'abuse' from the kids - being ridden while laying down, climbed all over by Micah, shut in Abby's room with Abby during quiet time. Ha! She'll be 8 years old next month. 
Thursday, after a hard cycling workout, I packed a picnic and took Micah to the zoo. The crocodile was in the perfect spot for my animal loving boy. I don't think we've ever seen the croc this close up before. Micah spent a lot of time looking at him and the only reason we moved on was because he really wanted to see the elephants.
The elephants are his favorites to see - any time I ask him on the way there what he wants to see or afterwards what his favorite was it's always the elephants. 
After the elephants it was time for a picnic lunch. Micah of course thought my turkey sandwich looked a lot better than his pb&j... (but then the next day when I fixed him a turkey sandwich he didn't want to eat it) After our picnic we saw a few more animals then headed back home. Love having our zoo pass again! 
That evening around 5 pm, Beau had run to the store, I had just gotten an overtired baby to sleep on my chest, when Micah wanted sometime. I asked him to wait 2 minutes, because I knew Beau was about to get home and I didn't want to disturb Alexis since she had a rough time getting to sleep from our big day, he laid down in protest and fell asleep. Poor babe was tired from our day! 
The next day we played catch up on chores in the morning. Apparently the zoo really wore Alexis out because she was quite the sleepy head. She had been playing on the floor while I picked up the living room, then I moved her to the couch to vacuum and while I vacuumed she just dozed right off to sleep. 
That afternoon, she kept me company while I folded laundry, and sat in the bumbo for the first time without being fussy about it. We'd tried it a few times before but she would start crying immediately, this time she enjoyed it! 
Saturday, we hit the gym in the morning, did some more cleaning and laundry, had a little quiet time, and went to Church in the evening where I worked in the nursery. Since it was a later evening we had a quick breakfast for dinner when we got home. Pancakes, bacon and my new favorite snack apple-berry salsa. The kids approved. 
In 3 weeks my little guy will turn 3 - crazy! I finished up his birthday invite tonight, just need to get it printed and sent out on Monday. I think I've got the whole thing planned out just need to get the stuff to put it all together now! I'm excited and really love the theme he's decided he wants! 

1 comment :

Unknown said...

We did the zoo yesterday.

Audrey kept talking about the elephants too. They are seemingly her favorite right now. She liked the alligator and giraffes also. She wouldn't leave the giraffe exhibit.

I think the elephants are ideal for kids because they're so big you don't have to look for them in their enclosure. They're just right there.