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Saturday, April 28, 2012

week in recap

This week started out pretty normally. School for Abby, gym time for me (Micah and Alexis) and the normal errands to run. Our errands this week consisted of getting ready for a certain little boy's 3rd birthday party. He's super excited about his party... And honestly I am too. I think it just might be the best party I've thrown yet ... well will throw.

Wednesday morning Micah woke up wanting to go on the potty. So I declared it potty bootcamp day. He's been so close for so long but refused to do #2 in the potty so we held off a little while. We finally had some success and have had 4 full days fully in big boy underwear and not pooping in them! Yay!

Thursday I took Alexis and ran to HEB (but not our normal one because our usual HEB was pretty empty in preparation for the opening of the new one the next day. The 'big' two have been pretty wild this week and I was happy to escape the crazies for a little bit even if it was just to run get more milk. Lucky for me this one has the best snowcone stand around in the parking lot so I got a snowcone and hid in the car eating it before coming inside the house and enjoying some peace and quiet. The kids will get plenty of snowcones this summer but it was too close to dinner for one that day.

Friday was a school holiday for the Battle of the Flowers and the grand opening of our new HEB. We were all up early (thanks to my early bird Micah) so we hit the store bright and early for groceries and to check out the fancy new store. It's super nice and I am excited to shop there once it's not so crowded!

Yesterday afternoon was I cooked meals for Beau for his busy weekend, Lexie was on the floor in her bumbo and Abby started pushing her around the kitchen. I was too thrilled with this game but Lexie was giggling about it.

This morning Abby woke up with pink eye :( It's not bugging her and no gunk which made me think really hard about it being pink eye or not. It's just a bummer because it means we are stuck home since I don't want to share germs. I'm hoping it clears up quickly and doesn't spread! It's very mild so far thank goodness. If it spreads it's going to make the final party errands I need to run hard to get done next week. Lots of hand washing going on between the frequent potty trips and the pink eye!

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!



Traci said...

Such cute pics! My nephew will be 3 at the end of the month & he has no problem with the potty except when it's time for #2. I wonder what the deal is with that & kids? I had my first snoball yesterday. Wedding cake & it was sooo good!

Unknown said...

Did you squirt some breast milk in her eye?