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Thursday, April 19, 2012

this week

Last weekend was pretty busy and Monday morning we had a tough time getting up and going. Micah didn't really want to get dressed and leave the house so we ended up skipping MOPS since it was on the other side of town (well technically the next town over.) I did managed to get him to agree to going out by mid-morning and I tried out a new class they are starting at the gym. It's called the Next Level and it's tough. It will be for 6 weeks and it's an extra fee to participate so I wanted to try it and decide if I like it and if it would be worth it.... 

That afternoon we headed to Micheals and picked up supplies for a Fiesta Shoebox Float for Abby and some envelopes for Micah's birthday party invitations. We dropped the invites in the mail on the way home after I addressed the ones I had addresses for since I had the invitations with me. 
When we got home, I had a sleepy boy on my hands. He didn't want to get out of the car. I used that time to vacuum out the car and even that didn't wake him up. I had to wake him after that though - I knew bedtime would be a fight already with the short nap he got! 
Here's a snapshot of what a typical morning is like for us. Well usually without the capes but they felt like being superheros this morning. 
That afternoon we started work on the Fiesta float. We are recycling from last year (yay for thinking ahead to keep it) so the decoration on the bottom was already done. Abby decided she wanted pink puppy on the float and a dog house. She also though the flowers were pretty so we added some of those and got green sparkly scrapbook paper for "grass." Beau helped built the dog house the next day and then Abby and Micah painted it and we put it all together. I however forgot to get a finished picture of it but will hopefully get one tomorrow when they have their parade.
Someone was very sleep yesterday afternoon and feel asleep while watching Abby and Micah play around. I was shocked when she dozed off like that with all the activity going on around her! 
Today I hit an early morning cycling class then I took Micah and Alexis to story time. The librarian was a sub and didn't keep the kids attention too well but hopefully the normal librarian is a little better and we'll give it a shot next week. Micah was excited to go but a little wild there - too much energy! We should have hit the park first to run some of that off I supposed but I figured the hour in childwatch would have helped with that! 

I hadn't done my weekly grocery shopping this week yet because of the next level trial class messing with my normal schedule since I'd usually head to HEB after an earlier workout on Wednesday and instead I did the trial class that started later and didn't get out early enough to dare to take Micah to HEB at lunch time. So we headed out for lunch. It was a beautiful day out and we headed to Willie's so Beau could have some crawfish and Micah could play in the sandbox. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze - wish it was like this all summer long but it's going to be HOT before we know it! I love Willie's because of the sandpit - so relaxing to eat there and let the kids play! 
Can you spot Micah in the background?
Beau and his crawfish - but Micah likes them too. He kept asking Beau for more and ate several of them! 
This afternoon the kids wanted to play outside so I filled up the water table but that apparently wasn't enough fun.... instead the dirt from an old pot was much more fun and they made mud.... everywhere... I had some cold children after they were done and rinsed off so it was a bath before dinner to warm them up. They had fun though and that's what counts right? 
I've been a gym junkie this week - making it to the gym 4 out of 4 days so far. Three workouts after Beau loaned me his heart rate monitor I managed to remember to bring it and use it. HA! I did the Next Level (think outside, running, squats, lunges, pushups, pulling chains...) twice - Monday and Wednesday then I also went to Body Combat on Tuesday and Cycling on Thursday. Tomorrow will be a good way to finish out the week - Body Pump in the morning then in the evening it's the Body Combat launch and a fundraiser for one of the instructor's daughters as she fights cancer. They are calling it "Fight like a Girl" night and it will be two hours of Body Combat. Should be fun... and tiring. I think Beau and I will play rock, paper, scissors for who puts the kids to bed when we get home! HA! And to top it off Saturday is the Pump and Combat launch if I'm not dead by then! I can feel the soreness but it's not so bad I can't move... and feels usually feels better once I get warmed up and into my next workout. Can you tell I'm trying hard to lose the baby weight? I never would have thought back in high school I'd look forward to my next workout but alas I'm starting to become one of 'those people.' Ha! Since I can't seem to give up coke and I've gotta admit I could definetly eat healthier so I'll just choose to continue to enjoy my gym time. Plus it gives Micah a chance to play and mama an adult time break especially since I've got friends at the gym now since we've been there for 3 years! I'm also looking forward to next month when they open up the pool and spray park! That will be lovely after a workout to go take Micah out to the spray park!


Unknown said...

That quilt little Alexis is on is gorgeous!!! I love the bright vibrant colors

Traci said...

Isn't it weird how much we change? I'm also "one of those people"! HA!! I even ran on vacation. I used to talk about those people!!! Have a great weekend!