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Monday, April 23, 2012

Fiesta float parade

Last Friday was a half-day for Abby and it was also the morning of the Fiesta Float parade. Alexis and I went up there to watch the parade. Abby's class was first in the parade. All the older grades were sitting in the hall to watch the parade and soon enough Abby's class came to the 'paparazzi' area (otherwise known as where all the parents were!) 
Alexis was trying to get to sleep so I was trying to sway/pat her (while wearing her in the carrier) in addition to trying to get a shot around other parents taking pictures so my pictures weren't the best (not focused right) but cute none the less. I liked their ponchos and headbands they made for the parade.
After they passed by us they kept going around the school and ended in the gym where the 5th graders were sitting so we could head to the gym to get a second look at her class in the parade.
Then it was out the gym and back into her classroom.  That's her art teacher with the Fiesta sign - she was the grand marshall for the parade.
I think this was Abby's 2nd and last Fiesta float parade. I guess that means I can get rid of her float now... or maybe I'll just save it and reuse it for Alexis if we are still in San Antonio? We reused the base of Abby's from last year and added to it for this year. She was very happy with her float this year with her pink puppy and dog house. Next time we make a float it will likely involve more cars, planes and boy-ish things.