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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Most everyone tells me that Alexis looks a lot like Micah.... I think however she looks a lot more like Abby did as a baby. I think it's because most of our friends, the gym childwatch staff and my co-workers at Bibleland all saw Micah as a baby but we didn't move her until Abby was 1 so they didn't see her as a baby. So here are some comparison pictures - what do you think? You can see they all have those big eyes and cheeks! 

Alexis at 3 months
Micah at 3 months (amazing that he was my chunk when he was tiny and now he's itty bitty for his age)
Abby at 2.5 months

And a few more of Miss Lexie - because she's cute, sweet and stays still for pictures.
Micah loves his little sis.... even though he always has to be reminded to be gentle. He's sweet and means well but you can see his elbow/arm about to squish her belly without meaning to.... he also has this new, strange thing where he tries to squish her cheeks with his hands and says it's her 'happy face.' Totally not sure where that came from! 



Unknown said...

Yeah, she looks more like Abby.

All very cute babies, though.

Traci said...

I think they all look alike but I think Lexie looks just like Abby.