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Monday, April 30, 2012

Menu Monday

So it's back to meal planning for me. A friend introduced me to this neat website and app called Food on the Table that has tons of simple recipes. I like simple! It's easily broken down and you can search by type of food, type of cooking (crockpot for instance), and you can even search by what's on sale at your local store you want to shop at. That site combined with pinterest has made me look forward to this week of meals. I found some simple meals I think we'll really enjoy and threw in a few staples we haven't had in a while. And yes you'll notice as you look at my menu we like chicken - that's what easiest for me to cook, especially on evenings Beau doesn't eat with us, hard to mess up and what the kids eat best!

So here's what we are having/had (I start my meal plan from Friday because I usually grocery shop on Thursday or Friday morning)

Friday (grocery shopping day) - Mac & cheese for kids and cook meals (chicken bacon ranch taquitos and buffalo chicken in the crockpot for sandwiches) for Beau for work lunch/dinners. Leftovers for me.

Saturday (Bible class in the evening) - spaghetti and meatballs

Sunday - glazed chicken in the crockpot
*so this was wasn't terrible but not something I'd do again... but hey I tried something different. 

Wednesday - lime and cilantro whole chicken (but going to try it in the crockpot)

Thursday -  hamburgers

Friday (again grocery day & house cleaning party prep) - homemade pizza

Saturday - Micah's birthday! 


Saturday, April 28, 2012

week in recap

This week started out pretty normally. School for Abby, gym time for me (Micah and Alexis) and the normal errands to run. Our errands this week consisted of getting ready for a certain little boy's 3rd birthday party. He's super excited about his party... And honestly I am too. I think it just might be the best party I've thrown yet ... well will throw.

Wednesday morning Micah woke up wanting to go on the potty. So I declared it potty bootcamp day. He's been so close for so long but refused to do #2 in the potty so we held off a little while. We finally had some success and have had 4 full days fully in big boy underwear and not pooping in them! Yay!

Thursday I took Alexis and ran to HEB (but not our normal one because our usual HEB was pretty empty in preparation for the opening of the new one the next day. The 'big' two have been pretty wild this week and I was happy to escape the crazies for a little bit even if it was just to run get more milk. Lucky for me this one has the best snowcone stand around in the parking lot so I got a snowcone and hid in the car eating it before coming inside the house and enjoying some peace and quiet. The kids will get plenty of snowcones this summer but it was too close to dinner for one that day.

Friday was a school holiday for the Battle of the Flowers and the grand opening of our new HEB. We were all up early (thanks to my early bird Micah) so we hit the store bright and early for groceries and to check out the fancy new store. It's super nice and I am excited to shop there once it's not so crowded!

Yesterday afternoon was I cooked meals for Beau for his busy weekend, Lexie was on the floor in her bumbo and Abby started pushing her around the kitchen. I was too thrilled with this game but Lexie was giggling about it.

This morning Abby woke up with pink eye :( It's not bugging her and no gunk which made me think really hard about it being pink eye or not. It's just a bummer because it means we are stuck home since I don't want to share germs. I'm hoping it clears up quickly and doesn't spread! It's very mild so far thank goodness. If it spreads it's going to make the final party errands I need to run hard to get done next week. Lots of hand washing going on between the frequent potty trips and the pink eye!

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Someone needs to bring me some duct tape.... like now! Someone started rolling from her tummy to her back on Sunday! Eeps! She's getting too big! 

Of course she refuses to roll for the camera despite my attempts! She's pretty darn cute though. 

She didn't go all the way until after I turned off the video her but here's the best video I have so far. 

(As you can see from the many outfit changes I've been trying quite a few times to get her rolling on camera!)

Okay off to Wal-mart to get some patterned duct tape (hey she's still gotta look cute even though Mommy won't let her roll right?)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fiesta float parade

Last Friday was a half-day for Abby and it was also the morning of the Fiesta Float parade. Alexis and I went up there to watch the parade. Abby's class was first in the parade. All the older grades were sitting in the hall to watch the parade and soon enough Abby's class came to the 'paparazzi' area (otherwise known as where all the parents were!) 
Alexis was trying to get to sleep so I was trying to sway/pat her (while wearing her in the carrier) in addition to trying to get a shot around other parents taking pictures so my pictures weren't the best (not focused right) but cute none the less. I liked their ponchos and headbands they made for the parade.
After they passed by us they kept going around the school and ended in the gym where the 5th graders were sitting so we could head to the gym to get a second look at her class in the parade.
Then it was out the gym and back into her classroom.  That's her art teacher with the Fiesta sign - she was the grand marshall for the parade.
I think this was Abby's 2nd and last Fiesta float parade. I guess that means I can get rid of her float now... or maybe I'll just save it and reuse it for Alexis if we are still in San Antonio? We reused the base of Abby's from last year and added to it for this year. She was very happy with her float this year with her pink puppy and dog house. Next time we make a float it will likely involve more cars, planes and boy-ish things. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

this week

Last weekend was pretty busy and Monday morning we had a tough time getting up and going. Micah didn't really want to get dressed and leave the house so we ended up skipping MOPS since it was on the other side of town (well technically the next town over.) I did managed to get him to agree to going out by mid-morning and I tried out a new class they are starting at the gym. It's called the Next Level and it's tough. It will be for 6 weeks and it's an extra fee to participate so I wanted to try it and decide if I like it and if it would be worth it.... 

That afternoon we headed to Micheals and picked up supplies for a Fiesta Shoebox Float for Abby and some envelopes for Micah's birthday party invitations. We dropped the invites in the mail on the way home after I addressed the ones I had addresses for since I had the invitations with me. 
When we got home, I had a sleepy boy on my hands. He didn't want to get out of the car. I used that time to vacuum out the car and even that didn't wake him up. I had to wake him after that though - I knew bedtime would be a fight already with the short nap he got! 
Here's a snapshot of what a typical morning is like for us. Well usually without the capes but they felt like being superheros this morning. 
That afternoon we started work on the Fiesta float. We are recycling from last year (yay for thinking ahead to keep it) so the decoration on the bottom was already done. Abby decided she wanted pink puppy on the float and a dog house. She also though the flowers were pretty so we added some of those and got green sparkly scrapbook paper for "grass." Beau helped built the dog house the next day and then Abby and Micah painted it and we put it all together. I however forgot to get a finished picture of it but will hopefully get one tomorrow when they have their parade.
Someone was very sleep yesterday afternoon and feel asleep while watching Abby and Micah play around. I was shocked when she dozed off like that with all the activity going on around her! 
Today I hit an early morning cycling class then I took Micah and Alexis to story time. The librarian was a sub and didn't keep the kids attention too well but hopefully the normal librarian is a little better and we'll give it a shot next week. Micah was excited to go but a little wild there - too much energy! We should have hit the park first to run some of that off I supposed but I figured the hour in childwatch would have helped with that! 

I hadn't done my weekly grocery shopping this week yet because of the next level trial class messing with my normal schedule since I'd usually head to HEB after an earlier workout on Wednesday and instead I did the trial class that started later and didn't get out early enough to dare to take Micah to HEB at lunch time. So we headed out for lunch. It was a beautiful day out and we headed to Willie's so Beau could have some crawfish and Micah could play in the sandbox. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze - wish it was like this all summer long but it's going to be HOT before we know it! I love Willie's because of the sandpit - so relaxing to eat there and let the kids play! 
Can you spot Micah in the background?
Beau and his crawfish - but Micah likes them too. He kept asking Beau for more and ate several of them! 
This afternoon the kids wanted to play outside so I filled up the water table but that apparently wasn't enough fun.... instead the dirt from an old pot was much more fun and they made mud.... everywhere... I had some cold children after they were done and rinsed off so it was a bath before dinner to warm them up. They had fun though and that's what counts right? 
I've been a gym junkie this week - making it to the gym 4 out of 4 days so far. Three workouts after Beau loaned me his heart rate monitor I managed to remember to bring it and use it. HA! I did the Next Level (think outside, running, squats, lunges, pushups, pulling chains...) twice - Monday and Wednesday then I also went to Body Combat on Tuesday and Cycling on Thursday. Tomorrow will be a good way to finish out the week - Body Pump in the morning then in the evening it's the Body Combat launch and a fundraiser for one of the instructor's daughters as she fights cancer. They are calling it "Fight like a Girl" night and it will be two hours of Body Combat. Should be fun... and tiring. I think Beau and I will play rock, paper, scissors for who puts the kids to bed when we get home! HA! And to top it off Saturday is the Pump and Combat launch if I'm not dead by then! I can feel the soreness but it's not so bad I can't move... and feels usually feels better once I get warmed up and into my next workout. Can you tell I'm trying hard to lose the baby weight? I never would have thought back in high school I'd look forward to my next workout but alas I'm starting to become one of 'those people.' Ha! Since I can't seem to give up coke and I've gotta admit I could definetly eat healthier so I'll just choose to continue to enjoy my gym time. Plus it gives Micah a chance to play and mama an adult time break especially since I've got friends at the gym now since we've been there for 3 years! I'm also looking forward to next month when they open up the pool and spray park! That will be lovely after a workout to go take Micah out to the spray park!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

week in review

So if you follow me on instagram or twitter or are on my facebook you've probably seen these but this blog serves as our family's baby book and I want to have these memories documented here so I can look back on them forever (and eventually turn this blog into a real book to look at) so I'm putting them all here as well. 

This week Alexis has really truly found her hands and especially her thumb. When she's awake she is often putting her hands in her mouth or even sucking her thumb. I just might have my first thumb sucker on my hands but the verdict is still out on that. I was looking through old pictures and found many of Micah with his thumb/fists in his mouth and he didn't ever suck his thumb so we'll have to wait and see. But she does look pretty cute with her thumb in her mouth. 
She's also starting to really grab things - I had to switch out wearing my pretty and dainty necklaces to my pretty but also childproof mommy necklaces that won't break from being tugged on. You can see she's not only got my necklace here but her other thumb is in her mouth here. 
We had some downtime in the afternoon before it was time to pick up Abby from school and Micah was having a blast with his toys and his imagination. It was so fun to watch and listen to his playtime. Buzz was rescuing the lamb. (He has decided he likes Lexie's lamb better than his - I think maybe because it looks more like Abby's so I'm just letting him have that one and Alexis will get the one he got in his basket)
And don't you know that dogs ride in the back of dump trucks and on top of airplanes?
Wednesday after a morning workout (body pump) we picked up some chick-fil-a and brought lunch to Abby at school. Micah thought this was pretty neat to be able to eat lunch at Abby's school. I wish I could say we just wanted to see Abby (which we did) but also I forgot we were out of bread for her normal sandwich. Ooops... 
Abby got a little time to love on Lexie before heading back to class. 
Honey is in training to be the next Carl (of my favorite Good Dog Carl series) She's a sweet dog and tolerates a lot of 'abuse' from the kids - being ridden while laying down, climbed all over by Micah, shut in Abby's room with Abby during quiet time. Ha! She'll be 8 years old next month. 
Thursday, after a hard cycling workout, I packed a picnic and took Micah to the zoo. The crocodile was in the perfect spot for my animal loving boy. I don't think we've ever seen the croc this close up before. Micah spent a lot of time looking at him and the only reason we moved on was because he really wanted to see the elephants.
The elephants are his favorites to see - any time I ask him on the way there what he wants to see or afterwards what his favorite was it's always the elephants. 
After the elephants it was time for a picnic lunch. Micah of course thought my turkey sandwich looked a lot better than his pb&j... (but then the next day when I fixed him a turkey sandwich he didn't want to eat it) After our picnic we saw a few more animals then headed back home. Love having our zoo pass again! 
That evening around 5 pm, Beau had run to the store, I had just gotten an overtired baby to sleep on my chest, when Micah wanted sometime. I asked him to wait 2 minutes, because I knew Beau was about to get home and I didn't want to disturb Alexis since she had a rough time getting to sleep from our big day, he laid down in protest and fell asleep. Poor babe was tired from our day! 
The next day we played catch up on chores in the morning. Apparently the zoo really wore Alexis out because she was quite the sleepy head. She had been playing on the floor while I picked up the living room, then I moved her to the couch to vacuum and while I vacuumed she just dozed right off to sleep. 
That afternoon, she kept me company while I folded laundry, and sat in the bumbo for the first time without being fussy about it. We'd tried it a few times before but she would start crying immediately, this time she enjoyed it! 
Saturday, we hit the gym in the morning, did some more cleaning and laundry, had a little quiet time, and went to Church in the evening where I worked in the nursery. Since it was a later evening we had a quick breakfast for dinner when we got home. Pancakes, bacon and my new favorite snack apple-berry salsa. The kids approved. 
In 3 weeks my little guy will turn 3 - crazy! I finished up his birthday invite tonight, just need to get it printed and sent out on Monday. I think I've got the whole thing planned out just need to get the stuff to put it all together now! I'm excited and really love the theme he's decided he wants! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Most everyone tells me that Alexis looks a lot like Micah.... I think however she looks a lot more like Abby did as a baby. I think it's because most of our friends, the gym childwatch staff and my co-workers at Bibleland all saw Micah as a baby but we didn't move her until Abby was 1 so they didn't see her as a baby. So here are some comparison pictures - what do you think? You can see they all have those big eyes and cheeks! 

Alexis at 3 months
Micah at 3 months (amazing that he was my chunk when he was tiny and now he's itty bitty for his age)
Abby at 2.5 months

And a few more of Miss Lexie - because she's cute, sweet and stays still for pictures.
Micah loves his little sis.... even though he always has to be reminded to be gentle. He's sweet and means well but you can see his elbow/arm about to squish her belly without meaning to.... he also has this new, strange thing where he tries to squish her cheeks with his hands and says it's her 'happy face.' Totally not sure where that came from! 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 months

Sweet little Alexis is now 3 months old - time is(still) flying way too quickly! You are such a happy little girl. 
You recently have really found your hands and are often trying to eat them or even sucking your thumb. I'm thinking I might finally have a thumb sucker but the verdict is still out on that one for now. 

You are enjoying playing on the floor a little more now but still a little ways away from rolling over (fine by me!) 
You often like to talk when you are talked to. No laughing yet though. I am looking forward to that because I love little baby laughs! 

I'm not sure how much you weight now but you can still wear your 0-3 month outfits though we are mixing in lots of your adorable 3-6 month outfits because most of the 0-3s are wintery and it's already 80-90 degrees here.
You are such a joy in our lives and are definitely loved by everyone! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Sunday morning the kids woke up to a visit from the Easter bunny. He obviously had been chatting with the dentist about all the bad effects of candy because he didn't bring any.... or well he forgot to make time to get to the store without tag-a-longs to get some. 
 For Lexie
For Abby
 For Micah
They were excited to see all their goodies in their baskets.
 And especially loved their lambs. However Micah spent the first day playing with his lamb then decided yesterday he liked Lexie's lamb better..... she won't know right? I personally think he was my favorite!

After Church (early service because I knew it would be less crowded than the middle one - and I was right it was much less crowded)  we changed and the kids had a confetti egg hunt in the backyard.

We tried to go to Willie's to satisfy Beau's crawfish addiction but they were closed for Easter Sunday. We rented Toy Story 1 and 2 on the way home from lunch because Micah was loving his Buzz toy from Grandma and Grandpa and spent the afternoon being lazy, catching up on laundry/chores and watching Toy Story. All in all a great Sunday. Most importantly because He is Risen! 

"Death couldn’t handle Him
And the grave couldn’t hold Him
That’s my King!"