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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I tried out this new subscription kids clothes program called Wittlebee where they send a selection of 8 articles of clothes to your door based on your color, size and season/weather preferences and your needs (if you need more shirts/pants ect) You tell them what you'd like and they pick out items to send. Wittlebee fills in the basics needs in your child's wardrobe so a lot of the items are the basic items to fill in the gaps between all the adorable outfits you already have. I couldn/t decide if I wanted to try it because I wasn't sure about not picking out the exact things and the mystery of not knowing what I would get. However I had a referral code to get it the first box at a discount (which if you click the link about you'll get one too) so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I actually ordered two boxes, setting them up with different e-mail addresses, one for Alexis and one for Abby and Micah.

For Alexis I requested short sleeves, shorts, summer items split between 3-6 and 6-9 months. I requested short sleeves, onesies, shirts, shorts, rompers and dresses. This is what she got.
I got an adorable Baby Lulu romper, a yellow onesie, a camo onesie, cute Baby Lulu pants (which are adorable but look like they need a matching top...) pink pants that are a little heavy in my opinion for summer here, soft blue pants, socks and a size 12 month long sleeve Baby Lulu dress. I'm pretty pleased with the box. The camo isn't really my style but I love the Baby Lulu pieces. She even wore the little romper yesterday. At first I was confused by the dress as it's long sleeves and we can't wear that during the summer here but I saw it was a 12 month and that will work for the winter even though we didn't ask for that - but it's cute. 

The second box I asked for it to be split between Abby and Micah for shorts/short sleeve summer clothes and this is what we got.
For Abby we received a pink shirt, a cute skirt that Abby loves, pink star printed leggings, a pair of Gap panties and a Baby Lulu hat that Abby loves as well! Micah got a Crazy 8 crab shirt and khaki shorts, a soft green shirt and some socks. I was pleased with what they got and they liked everything as well. 

I think Wittlebee is a great idea and I was pleased with our boxes overall even if there are a few pieces that aren't really our style. Totally worth trying out for at least one box. 

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