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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday randoms

I can't believe it's already Wednesday evening. This week is flying by. I finished my little pinterest project and it's already hanging up on the wall with some pictures I finally had printed. I've got a bug to change out and rearrange all the pictures on the walls... mainly because they are all seriously outdated. Micah isn't 6 weeks old anymore. Yes they are that out of date. I plan on getting pictures of my little project tomorrow
Monday we had MOPS. I couldn't resist pulling out some of Micah's new spring/summer clothes. He picked his shoes. He loves his new Easter shoes and wants to wear almost all the time. 
Monday night, Beau wanted crawfish and for us to see where he works, so he took us out to eat. Abby remembered the crawfish he brought home and cooked 2 years ago  and kept wanting a "real" crawfish. One of the waiters had actually brought a live one out to a table near us and so he then brought it over for Abby to see. After they took it away, she kept asking for it back and wanting one to bring home. Micah liked the live one but he also enjoyed eating a couple. 
That night while I rocked Alexis, Abby read her school reading books to Daddy. I love bedtime reading! 
Sweet little Lexie wasn't feeling well though and was very congested and coughing. She went to sleep easily but was very restless and she got upset soon after we had gotten the other two to sleep. So from 9 until 1 am I was rocking, swaying with, walking around with Alexis trying to get her comfy. Finally we crashed in the recliner downstairs where she slept comfortably on me. Unfortunately we were also having awful weather, including a tornado that touched down not that far from us. 1:30 am was when it got the worst over us with thunder practically shaking the windows. This of course woke Micah up and he joined us in the recliner because Daddy wasn't good enough for sleepy boys. Around 2 I manage to get him back in bed but it only lasted until 3 am. At that point Alexis was sleeping nicely so we could actually go to bed in the beds and not the recliner. So it ended up being a long night.

We stayed home Tuesday and let Miss Alexis recover, thankfully she was already doing better by the morning and is now over it. 
I went out to Target today and got picture frames for pictures that I want to hang on the walls. When I came out and was buckling Micah in the car, a lady came up and gave me some pretty yellow tulips with this card for the Shine Project. Unexpected and nice. I happen to love tulips. Now I'm thinking of some way I can pass it on. 
I also got this cute little candy bowl from the dollar spot. Love that area of Target! 
I didn't make it to the gym this morning because I was still tired and recovering from our late night Monday so we switched up our routine and went this evening. I did a pinterest recipe of bbq chicken in the crockpot so dinner was ready when we got home which worked really nicely. I think I'm going to have to find more recipes that I'll eat out of the crockpot because I liked how simple that was! We left early for the class so that the kids could play at the park before since it was so nice out. 
I'm hoping to make it to the cycle class in the morning but pump was hard after a week and 1/2 break so I might be lucky to make it down the stairs in the morning. Ha! 

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Traci said...

Tulips are my fave!! So pretty!