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Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring break getaway

Friday I checked Abby out of school a tiny bit early and we hit the road to Gigi and Pop's house. Abby was out for spring break and I thought a little road trip would be fun. Well not the actual driving part but the seeing Gigi and Pops part. Abby and Micah thought it was a good idea too and were very excited! Our drive there was slow going because of rain and we had to pull over several times to retrieve toys Micah dropped. He's back in the 3rd row of the new car and I can't reach to give him anything anymore. (Thankfully on the trip back we didn't have the same problem and he was able to get everything he wanted)

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures while we were there... I mostly just enjoyed being there and hanging out. 

Saturday - we headed to Target which ended up being an adventure since the power was out in the shopping center. Dark or not Target was still open with a few registers open using a generator. Abby was a super happy girl because she got a new hoodie. She takes after her mama with her love of jackets. (All 3 ended up getting pretty bright colored hoodies and Gigi and I think it will make an adorable picture to put all 3 of them in them on the beach later this summer for a picture.) In the afternoon it didn't take long before the kids were raiding the beanie baby box in Gigi's closet. Slowly but surely they are making sure none of them have their tags remaining on them. I had brought along a few toys for them to play with but other than in the car on the trip, those toys didn't get played with. Uncle Jeremy came over in the afternoon and the kids were super excited to see him as well. That night Pops cooked delicious steaks for dinner. A great day in my opinion! 

Sunday - Mimi and Pappy came over and got to meet Miss Alexis. We had another feast of ribs and bbq chicken for lunch (and leftovers for dinner.) Gigi, Abby and I also went out for pedicures that evening. My feet are very happy about that right now! 

Monday - Gigi had to go to class and it was rainy outside (as it had been the previous days as well) The library had story time so we headed over there. The kids enjoyed that then we met Gigi for lunch at Cane's. After lunch we were going to head to the park since the rain had let up but as we packed snacks it started raining again. So we played in the garage instead on the ride-on toys and some red light, green light. 

Tuesday - The rain had let up so we headed to the park in the morning. After an hour the kids were tired of playing so we walked by the fountains and the lake. They loved watching the fish jump in the lake. 

Can you spot Micah? 5 seconds after getting here he fell through and busted his lip climbing on this...  it however took convincing for him to let me look/clean him up - he wanted to go back and play instead! It wasn't too bad thankfully! 

Afterwards we met Gigi for lunch then headed back to the house. I drew a "road" on the driveway for the kids to drive on. Abby was creative and added a lake, park and a man walking a dog. Soon though the kids were begging to go driving in the golf cart. Since there weren't any golfers out (that I could see) we headed towards the lake. It's one of their favorite places to go in the golf cart, so they can see the turtles and try and find the alligator who lives there. Most days it's hard to spot him as he's in the water and you can only see his nose. This day... not so much. He was out sunning himself on the edge of the water. Abby and Micah thought this was the coolest thing ever! You know you are in Louisiana when you don't have to go far to see a gator! Ha! Next time we go back to Gigi and Pop's house we'll have to take a side trip the alligator farm and see more as I think they'll love that. The only downside of being near the lake is we got attacked by giant killer mosquitos! I'm still itchy. I swear some of them followed us home because I keep finding new bites on me! 
While we were there Alexis got a couple sink baths because Gigi had the perfect sink for her to fit in. No worries about being splashed by her crazy siblings in her own personal tub! She seemed to really enjoy it! I'm jealous I don't have a big sink like that! 
Wednesday - We met Gigi for breakfast after her first class and headed home. I thought for some reason Ikea would be a great place to stop and run off some energy. It's so big - plenty of room to walk around. We weren't in a rush to get home so we could piddle and try out all the couches, beds, ect and let the kids be out of the carseats a while. I just didn't realize we'd end up falling in love with giant stuffed puppy dogs. I caved too. They had a little money that Mimi had given them so the puppies came home with us and I have two very happy kids. Abby is also agreeable to the fact that we are going to spring clean and I told her we are going to pick 3 toys that we will donate and maybe a couple toys we will bring back to Gigi's house (because they brought home some beanie babies from her house as well and we want to make sure there are toys left at her house to play with when we go there!)


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