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Sunday, March 18, 2012


1. I'm excited that In Plain Sight is back on and sad it's the final season. I like that Mary's boss made her a pumping station at work before she even came back and was excited to show it to her - way to go.... however then they immediately disappointed me by the fact that she said she was already done breast-feeding. At least they tried showing a supportive work place.

2. I finally, after letting it go way too long, updated the header and sidebar to include Miss Lexie. I'll probably change it again in a few weeks with new updated pictures but this will do for now.

3. I'm so excited about the fact that I have a real family photo session scheduled. It's much needed as our last family photo that's hanging on our wall was when Micah was 6 weeks old. We did Christmas pictures a year ago and I have one of those framed on my dresser but not on our wall. We need to have a new one with Miss Lexie now and I'm super excited about it. I have the kids clothes picked out already, I need to get a shirt for Beau and figure out what I should wear.

4. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got supplies for 3 projects. I'm almost done (for now) with one of them and hope to finish Lexie's Easter basket soon. Then the 3rd won't take long either. I just need to figure out where it will go.
5. Today was grocery shopping day since we were gone most of Spring Break we didn't get a chance to go during the week and ended up having to go this morning... the most crowded day of them all. Normally we would have gone to Church this morning but my little alarm clocks slept in and the last service was too late so Church was live streamed on the computer before we left. When he was little Micah had a year long streak of major dislike for HEB. I thought he had gotten over it... today not so much. We had battles to get clothes and out the door, he wanted to eat everything - berries, potatoes (raw), crackers, cheese stick, a donut - everything but the snack I packed for him. He wouldn't share the juice I got for them without a fit. The worst was trying to get him buckled in. I wonder what the nice guy who was loading up our groceries thought as I tried to buckle Micah in the car?
6. While I put away groceries, washed and got the fruits ready to eat for the week, got lunch together,  unloaded the dishwasher and mopped the floor, Miss Lexie hung out in the bouncy seat. She's found her fingers a lot lately.
7. This afternoon we are going to finally use the Zoku and make some popsicles. That is if we can keep Micah from melting down as he's in a seriously grumpy mood today. 
8. In fact while finishing up this post during a much needed 30 minutes of quiet time they were supposed to be having, Micah snuck downstairs while I fed Alexis. He busted into the cascarones and smashed them all. Abby and Micah had been at each other - mainly with him poking , jumping and trying to climb on her all afternoon since we got home from HEB so I was trying to have just 30 minutes of quiet since HEB wears us all out. Now the fun surprise I thought we'd play with later is all over the kitchen table and floor. Luckily I have some more I remembered that I had from last year so that Abby isn't upset about not getting any.  I need a nap now though! 
9. Okay my 30 minutes of quiet time is up.... and it seems Micah has fallen asleep. I hate to wake him because I know he's tired but I don't want him up fighting bedtime until 11 pm with a late nap like this. What to do?


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