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Sunday, March 18, 2012

spring cleaning

Q. What are your favorite spring cleaning tips? 

I was really feeling the spring cleaning bug a few weeks ago but spring break seems to have changed that. I really need to get back on the ball and get it done! To not make it seem like an overwhelming task I'm going to break it into small tasks I can complete easily (and quickly with little ones underfoot) and try to tackle one a day. I'm going to start by going through a de-cluttering because it will be easier to clean (and keep clean) if I can clean out some of the things we don't need. Especially if we can clean out a few of the toys to make clean up times easier after playing! 

I also plan on getting Abby and Micah involved. Abby can really be very helpful. It's hilarious though because one day she jumped at the chance to help me clean the bathroom but refused to clean up her toys within a 30 minute period. 

What are your spring cleaning tips? 

Be sure to check out other tips for spring cleaning on BlogHer and read Alicia's 10-minutes-or-less list. She's got a great list of cleaning you can do in just 10 minutes a night. She mentions taking one night to spend 10 minutes cleaning out your junk drawer. I think in our house I'd also add nights to do the nightstands in our bedroom and the bar between our kitchen and living room as they are also full of clutter. 

While you are over on BlogHer make sure you enter the sweepstakes as well! You could win a kindle fire and a $50 gc to go with it!  

1 comment :

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

It is nice to meet you through Life Well Lived! You have a beautiful family.

I also did this "LWL" post this week -- it was a fun topic.

I really appreciated reading Alicia's 10 minute Spring Cleaning tips on BlogHer as I need to organize myself in small intervals this season as I have a lot of family occasions coming up this year.

You are wise to get your children envolved with cleaning up. It will be skills they can use their whole lives. When my son was a teenager I taught him how to iron and his wife now loves that he can do that! :)