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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Our weekend

The weather here has been wonderful the several days. On Friday I washed out and filled up the water table for the kids... unfortunately it took me longer to clean it out (I never moved it to the garage like I should have and instead left it on the porch) than the kids played with it. They dumped some of the soap bubbles from cleaning it on an ant bed and ended up making the ants mad resulting in ant bites on their feet. They weren't happy about the bites (poor things!) and weren't happy I made them come inside since they messed with the ants after being told to leave them alone. 
Saturday was the launch of cxworks at our gym. As the instructor put it "an ab class on 'roids" - it's intense. I'm however annoyed their made some of the other classes "express" (shortened) classes to fit it in the schedule but yet there was enough time to add it without shortening the aerobic classes. I did get a free shirt for going to the launch. 

Sunday morning we headed to Church. Lexie looked so sweet in her spring dress and sweater. 
Sunday afternoon I had a friend's baby sprinkle to attend. Normally I wouldn't bring the kids but Beau had to leave for work before I would have been back and I don't have a regular babysitter my kids are familiar with to call (I need to find one of those!) I don't even have any numbers for babysitters to call. So I brought all 3 with me. My friends little girl was there and they all ended up having a tea party which was really cute. 
The good weather continued and as soon as we got home from school on Monday we opened up the garage and played outside until we had to go inside for bath and dinner. We did bath first because they were covered in chalk! 
Micah showed off his sunglasses I bought him at Target. He is always trying to wear Abby's flower ones so I figured he might need a pair of boy-ish ones instead. He picked spiderman ones. 
One of the kids current favorite things to do outside right now is take the wood scraps and build houses, towers, animal/car garages with them. Lexie and I sat in the chair in the garage and watched them play. 
Tonight was open house at Abby's school. We went and her teacher had a "scavenger hunt" of things for her to show us about what they have been learning at school. She was very excited to show us everything! 

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