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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Might as well be snowing


That phrase pretty much describes my morning. After a great spin class and a couple quick errands, we came home and I tried to get some cleaning done. I did managed to power through quite a bit of laundry and some of the dishes (only to make more with dinner.) However cleaning not so much. I'd get one thing done and turn around to find something else to clean up. Micah was quite the busy busy boy this morning. When he wasn't taking out another toy after we just cleaned some up, he was going into the kitchen to get yet another snack. For being as tiny as he is, he sure can eat. Seriously some days it seems he wants a different snack every 20-30 minutes. He didn't want a cereal bar this morning though - he told me "that not tasty" when I offered it to him. Ha!
While cleaning up in the playroom, Alexis got a little bit of tummy time. I have to admit we've been slacking on the tummy time. She has pretty good head control though because she loves to be carried up right and will lift her head that way... just not so much when she's on her tummy. She'd get more but some times it's hard to put her down on the floor because Micah wants to be right there and he's a little more rough and tumble than Abby was and isn't always too careful! 
I'm always glad to see Abby after school and today we had a nice little Barbie play time when she got home. It was also nice to have her home because it kept busy boy Micah entertained for a while ha! 
Miss Lexie got a package in the mail today of babylegs. They had a sale too good to pass up last week $4 a pair. So of course she needed more. She technically didn't have any of her own, just ones I had from Abby. They've gotten even cuter since I bought Abby's complete with little ruffles at the bottom. I had to try them on her as soon as we got home from checking the mail and picking up Abby from school. 
Bath time almost certainly is Alexis's favorite time of the day. I swear any time she is fussy during dinner (which usually only happens if we are having dinner later than usual) it's just because she is ready for bath. As soon as you lay her down to start undressing her she is all peaceful and smiles. 
Abby was suppose to have a field day tomorrow but they postponed it for another month since the weather is supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow - not great weather for a field day. I'll just go torture myself at the new athletic interval class instead... as if my legs aren't already dead from the spin class this morning. 

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Not only that it's the start of spring break... meaning no getting up to get Abby up, lunch made and off to school for the next week. What are the odds my kids will sleep in at least one of the days of spring break? My luck it will be Thursday when we have to get up for Alexis's 2 month appt. (How can my tiny baby be so big already?!)

1 comment :

Traci said...

We're having funky weather too. It started raining earlier & isn't supposed to stop until Monday. YUCK! Thankfully, it's still in the 70's.