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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

midweek randoms

How is it already Wednesday? It's been a busy week around here and it seems to be flying by! Monday, I ran errands and hit the gym for a quick workout. My abs were still sore from the athletic interval class on Friday. (We did 'alligators' where we were in a push up-ish position with our knees on a mat and drug ourselves across the room - all I can say is they hurt and my abs told me about it all weekend!) That evening I was trying to get some spots off a couple plates that didn't come clean but Lexie wasn't having it so my sweet girl offered to help. What a sweet sweet girl! 
Tuesday we had Bible class in the morning, on our way home Micah was not very happy, I picked up lunch at Chick-fil-a because I knew I would have a battle trying to fix lunch with Alexis wanting to be held/eat and Micah already hungry and not patient. However he got angry we didn't get out for him to play. When we got home I had to drag him out of the car and carry him inside. Once I got back inside with Alexis and the stuff, he had run upstairs to Abby's room. I told him to come down and have lunch  but he didn't. Once I was done feeding Alexis, I went to go check on him and he was asleep. Poor baby was tired! Daddy wasn't thrilled he had napped though (of course he was glad he got the sleep he needed) but it meant that Micah was up late and I had a girls night so I didn't have to do bedtime. In fact when I got home to my shock Micah was actually asleep. Of course he had also snuck into my bed instead of his once Daddy was downstairs and had gotten into some chocolate before falling asleep.... :/ 
We've had gorgeous weather lately and it's been enjoyable to walk to school. Especially since Alexis isn't liking the car-seat anymore. I just said she was doing fine in the car and a week later she hates it. Hopefully the car-hating stage is very short lived! As well as this cat napping stage we are in this week as well - her longest nap in the past week has been 45 mins, maybe an hour max compared to 2 hour naps before. 
She's still such a sweetheart though. Even though she's woken up from that sleepy newborn phase and is getting a bit more demanding. :)
This morning she slept in and I had to hurry to get her fed, dressed and all of us out the door for the gym. This means I was 5 minutes late and coming in as they started the warm-up. Meaning my favorite spot in the back corner was taken.... and the only spots left were in the front row. Not my favorite place to be but it wasn't too bad I suppose. Only a week and a half until our family pictures, two and a half weeks until Easter and summer and swimsuit weather soon after that! The gym and I will be good friends as if we already aren't. Bye bye baby weight. I hope....


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