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Thursday, March 22, 2012

baby feet

I've blogged about it and now I'm finally posting the picture of the finished project. I needed a second set of hands to finish it so that someone could hold Alexis while I did her footprint. I came to this conclusion after I attempted a few times doing it by myself (then wiping it off and repainting the grey.) I think it turned out pretty cute.  
please ignore how unlevel it looks - it's mainly just the camera angle
After Abby I came to the conclusion that for us a nursery wasn't really used much - other than a place for the clothes so with both Micah and Alexis they've started out in a crib turned co-sleeper. It gives me more sleep and they sleep better as well. This however means no nursery to have fun decorating so in my mission to update all the walls around here I wanted to hang a few things in her little corner. As she gets bigger I'm going to add more sets of foot prints so there will be feet going along the bottom all the way across. 



Aubrey said...

I love that she is looking at the picture like, "hey...those are my feet."

Tammie said...

What a cute idea.

Cindi said...

Oh how precious, Katie! LOVE the grey and hot pink! I've gotta share this with a friend...she'll love it! And oh how I love my babies' feet - both my five year old's and my one year old's. No matter how big they get, I could just eat them up. :)