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Friday, March 16, 2012

Alexis's first zoo trip

Thursday, after Alexis's 2 month check-up, we decided to head to the zoo. It seemed, however, that everyone, and I mean everyone, had the same idea. It was twice as crowded and the most crowded day I'd seen. All the normal lots, plus 3 overflow lots and the street parking were full! The line at the front of the zoo to buy tickets was long! We almost decided not to go but it would have made for two very upset children so we decided to brave it. The whole drive there Abby was asking if we would ride the train so thinking it would take a while to get our membership renewed, Beau and the kids got train tickets and waited to ride the train while Lexie and I went to get our membership. Turns out the zoo was prepared and had moved the membership office to the education building and had 4 computers set up. I didn't have to wait at all to get our membership. So Alexis and I waited and watched them go by in the train. (They are in the second to last row in the picture)
Lexie got a nice full bully while we waited for them. Doesn't she look sweet in her 'zoo' bubble? I couldn't resist putting it on her for her first trip the zoo, despite it still being a little big on her. 
Once the kids finished their train ride, Micah immediately started telling Daddy to "go see animals!" I think he was excited! The kids each got a map... I think they might have been more excited about the maps than the animals! They loved looking at them, especially Abby, to see where we were. Since Beau was with us, I was brave and let Micah walk for a lot of the zoo trip. I won't be so brave when I take him alone! 
Lexie snoozed away for most of the zoo trip in the stroller. She's been getting heat rash on her face really easily so I didn't wear her like I normally would have so that she wouldn't breakout as badly. Which she didn't until I carried her for about 10 minutes... then her poor face was covered. :( Hopefully she will grow out of it affecting her so much by this summer since it was only 82 yesterday which is not 'that' hot compared to the 100s in the summer. 

TMI alert: Not only did Lexie have her first trip to the zoo yesterday... she also had another 'milestone' Her first diaper blowout. Out her leg, onto her pretty new outfit and her car-seat. At least it was on the way home and not the way there or it would have been a mess to clean up at the zoo! I'm surprised it hadn't happen already since she only goes every 4-7 days (and then has 2-3 in a row.)

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