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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alexis 2 months

Alexis turned 2 months old last Saturday. I can't believe she is already so big! (In a relative sense of course!) You are such a sweet, mostly easy going little girl.

We went to your 2 month appointment this week and you are growing well! You smiled and 'talked' to the pediatrician showing off even though you were sleepy. 

Weight: 11 lbs 3 oz
Lenght: *almost* 23 inches

You are bigger than Abby was at 2 months but smaller than Micah (he was 12 lbs 7 oz at 2 months - a chunk compared to now!)

You love your brother and sister and give up big smiles when they talk to you. Especially to Abby (since Micah isn't quite as gentle when he loves on you.)

You are okay with tummy time if we pick a good time but it doesn't usually last too long. You can lift your head pretty well but aren't doing baby push ups just yet.

You are a big bubble blower lately. You also have a little bit of baby acne but a lot of it is heat rash and shows up when we are out and you are in the wrap. Yesterday we didn't leave the house and there is barely any hint of the acne/heat rash on your face.
You love your evening bath time. You get fussy during the evening when it nears bath time but calm down immediately when we get in the bathroom. While at Gigi's house you got sink baths because you fit so nicely in her big sink. At home you take a bath with Abby and Micah - yes all 3 at once. You like watching them play as long as they don't splash you! 
You are sleeping well (I'm hoping I'm not jinxing this by stating that fact!) with a 6 hour stretch before waking once during the night for the past week. Your older brother and sister didn't sleep this well this early.

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