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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend recap and rambles (and catch-up!)

We had a pretty low key weekend. I've been cleared to head back to the gym so I've made it there 4 times in the 6 days since Alexis hit 6 weeks so we all headed to the gym after a nice family breakfast on Saturday. Between the gym and heading to Bible class the kids played with Mardi Gras beads and made a 'home' under the kitchen table. 

Micah was a sweet big brother talking to sister while I got dinner together. 
Sunday morning we headed to Church. It was a great service (as usual!) but an extra special treat as Mac Powell of Third Day lead the worship. 
After we got home we spent the rest of the day relaxing, playing and cleaning. I did a little cleaning downstairs and the kids did a lot of playing upstairs. They played nicely together from about 1pm after lunch until dinner time. Seriously. Lexie and I sat in the playroom and played with them for the first hour or so until she gave me a serious milk bath that required outfit changes on both our parts. After she fell asleep for a nap I cleaned up downstairs, folded laundry (it's never-ending!) After dinner we spent some time trying to clean up but the kids weren't interested but we did get it picked up enough to walk in the hallways. 

So why is it that when it comes to picking up toys it's like pulling teeth.... but when I was cleaning my bathroom today they were all wanting to help? Abby gladly volunteered to wipe the baseboards and whatever else she could do. 

Our house must have some weird wiring because our lights are constantly burning out. Many fixtures have multiple bulbs so I usually put off changing them until lots are out. Well it finally got to that point last week. I changed 8 bulbs last week - Abby's room and closet, the hallway, the laundry room and pantry. When we went to Target today I picked up another 8 bulbs and put all those in fixtures that still needed them. I could have used 2 more lightbulbs on top of the 16 I changed. Crazy I tell you. It's much brighter in the house now. That also means I'm seeing more of the dust and dirt I need to clean. ... hmm maybe I'll take out a few of those bulbs then and pretend the dust isn't there? 

Some days bedtime is very challenging as Alexis sometimes decides that's time to cluster feed which makes dressing Micah, brushing teeth and reading books a little more challenging one handed. Tonight though things went smoothly. Starting with a nice bath. I gave the kids their bath and I even got in with Lexie so she could really enjoy the water and she was such a content girl. She loves her bath time - smiles and so calm and relaxed. After everyone was in jammies we sat in Abby's room, read her school books and let Alexis get some pre-bedtime wiggles out. 

Abby wanted me to take a picture of their feet. Aren't Lexie's tiny baby feet so sweet?
Micah couldn't resist giving Alexis some love.  He loves his little sister. Both of them really love her. Abby will sit next to her if I leave the room and tell me if she is still sleeping, awake or fussing. She'll talk to her and gets some big smiles out of her. Micah isn't quite as gentle (what do you expect from an almost 3 year old?) but he really loves her. If she is crying he'll say "it okay baby lexus" He can't/doesn't say Alexis... instead calls her "Lexus." They both have to give her good night hugs and kisses before bed.

Hope ya'll had a good Monday! Eventually I'll fit in more blogging time so my posts won't be such random ramblings catching up on all the weekly details so I can remember these days as they go by so fast! I mean look how big my once tiny baby looks already! 


1 comment :

Traci said...

So cute! Good for you for working out so much. That's awesome!