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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Weekend recap and is it bedtime yet?

Saturday morning the kids and I headed to a birthday party for a sweet little girl's 3rd birthday. It was at an indoor playground nearby but has never been before. It was quite the fun place! There was a big bounce house with slide.
A vet office to play in.
A rock climbing wall that Abby and Micah used a fort/home to keep the animals they were attached to the whole time we were there away from other kids. Ironically my kids who weren't happy to play with each other in the morning while we were getting ready, only wanted to play with each other and no one else at the party. 
Abby carried around and played with the tiger the whole time and Micah loved the giant, bigger than him, alligator. They would take turns 'guarding' them if one went down the slide (or bring them to me.)

Yesterday it was still pretty chilly outside when it was time to pick up Abby (something that probably wouldn't be strange in a normal winter but this winter has been pretty warm) so since Micah wasn't napping we left early and parked near the front of the pick up line to wait for Abby to get out of school. Micah had brought his elephant and it was funny to listen to him chatter with his elephant while we waited. He seems so far away from me in the new vehicle being all the way back in the 3rd row! (And yes at 3 months away from being 3 he's still rear-facing because he's tiny, well within the weight limits and it's safer - he doesn't complain at all so no reason to turn him!) 
This morning Alexis chilled and dozed in the moses basket while I got ready for Bible class. Micah had to peek in on her as well. We had quite the rough start this morning.... and a grumpy afternoon. I will warn you though I'd look at the cute picture and not continue reading if you have a weak stomach.... 

I woke up and fed Alexis then it was time to get Abby up for school. She wasn't thrilled to be awake yet (pretty normal - she's not a morning person - she takes after me.) We headed downstairs to fix Abby's lunch and were immediately hit by a disgusting smell and saw that Honey (our mastiff) had gotten sick during the night. In 4 different places.... it was beyond gross! Thankfully Beau was almost home because I needed to get Abby's lunch fixed. The kids went back upstairs and I held my breathe to fix lunch since I hadn't fixed it the night before. Beau won brownie points by cleaning all the spots when he got home. 

After Bible class I ordered a new tank bladder for the carpet cleaner, regretting not doing it when it had ripped while cleaning it out after the last time we used it. I used the shark steam mop to clean the kitchen floor and clean over the carpet spots again. Yuck! I know I'll be cleaning the carpet (or begging Beau to do it) as soon as the part gets here. The carpet is already in need and this just seals the deal that it will get done next week. 

Naptime could have gone better as Micah was clearly tired but didn't want to sleep. This was after not wanting to eat his lunch either. Then he woke up after an hour, very cranky, and hungry for a snack since he didn't eat his lunch. However since we need to go to the grocery store we didn't have anything he wanted for snack so he was grumpy about that too. Thankfully Beau went to the grocery store and cooked us a yummy dinner.

Dinner was another adventure as the kids wanted to play instead of eat... despite complaining of being hungry... oh so hungry... all the time Beau was cooking. :/

In good news... Alexis finally after a week and a day had a very large poopy diaper. I'm shocked it stayed in the diaper - but that's probably because I changed it right away and we just moved her up to the size 1s so they are still plenty big.

Is it bedtime yet?

1 comment :

Traci said...

I hope you got a good nights sleep because it sounds like you had a day!