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Friday, February 17, 2012


We had made Valentines for their friends over the weekend. I showed Abby all the options I had pinned on pinterest and she picked the fish one... but she was insistent that she didn't want the goldfish and wanted candy to give to her friends instead. So we settled on swedish fish. Abby and Micah had fun putting together the bags - they were helpful in counting out fish for each bag. Abby even wrote out the names on all her friends Valentines cards. Once they got bored of putting swedish fish in bags, they wanted to make cards for some family and they started those.... but we still need to finish them up and get them in the mail... just a little late! 

We had a very busy Valentines day.... to start the morning Micah, Alexis and I headed to Church to work in the nursery during the Ladies Bible studies (like any other Tuesday morning.) All the kids Bible classes had a Valentines party so he brought his Valentines to pass out to his friends and got to have a little party in his class. He didn't get to stay for his whole party though because I picked him up early so I could drop him off at home, pick up the bananas for Abby's class party and get to her school. 

Alexis and I helped with her party - fixing banana splits (hence the bananas) for everyone. All her friends were very interested in Miss Alexis. They were also very excited about their ice cream. 
The only thing better than ice cream was that they finally got to open their Valentines - they were all so ready to open their bags and see all the Valentines they got from their friends.  
Here's my sweet little Valentine in her little outfit I decided to make her at the very last minute. She actually wore two outfits for Valentines as Abby wanted them to wear their matching outfits so I changed her before Abby's party so that the girls matched. :) 

look at those rolls on her legs
I got two not really Valentine presents but made me happy 'presents' - with the repair guy coming to look at our dishwasher (again) and telling us he'd be back with a new one (said it would be today but now it won't be until Monday....) and I got the part to my steam cleaner that I needed so I could clean the carpets. 

Once Beau got up in the evening (after working over night) we gave the kids their Valentines. Abby got a new shirt for her Build-a-bear puppy and Micah opened a joint present of Lady and the Tramp (he had gotten a little puppy at build-a-bear when we built Alexis her bear so he just got his present early) They also got coloring books from Gigi and Pops. I hadn't checked the mail yet that day but they also got a set of books and DVDs of Bible stories from Grandma and Grandpa. 

Beau and I decided to postpone celebrating with each other until he wasn't so tired and wasn't having to go in to work that night so we ended up celebrating last night with a yummy dinner after the kids were asleep. 

1 comment :

Traci said...

Y'all have been busy! Sounds like a good Valentine's! I love rolls on babies!! Sooo cute!