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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

this and that

When I was taking Alexis's one month pictures she got a little hungry so we took a break before finishing up and Abby took over on the camera. She had a lot of fun using my big camera and got very snap happy taking LOTS of pictures. She mostly used Micah and some toys as subjects but she did take a few of Alexis and I. 
Micah - as taken by Abby. He found this sticker and had to have it on his shirt since I had a sticker on Alexis's onesie. Ha! 
This sweet girl is starting to like her swing... which is good because she didn't really want to nap in her crib the past couple days. It gave me a few minutes to do some cleaning and tonight it gave me free hands to cook dinner instead of having her in the wrap while I cooked. 
Last week I cleaned the playroom and re-arranged a little bit. I felt I needed to take some photographic proof it was clean because it never lasts long! Micah is a busy boy and feels the need to dump the cars and animals every time they are put away. 
Alexis had been pretty shy about her smiles up until this weekend. She'd smile but you had to work for them and definitely not for the camera. Today she has been especially smiley and I managed to catch one on the iphone camera. 
Since Alexis is now 6 weeks old (as of yesterday - this is going by way too fast!) she is old enough for childcare at the gym. So we hit the gym bright and early this morning for combat - my first combat class in 12 weeks. I survived. I'm curious to how much my legs with hurt tomorrow with the squats, lunges and esquivas. I'm tempted to try out the new spinning bikes tomorrow morning.... they have a computer instead of just the tension knob.... no cheating since it now tells you what your speed/resistance/calories burned are. I know my favorite pump instructor also teaches spin and I've heard she walks around and looks.... 

I also decided to give up cokes for Lent. I don't usually give something up, it's not something our Church does really. It's just good timing because I'm way too addicted and want to kick start some serious baby weight losing so without cokes and with being back and the gym I'm hopefully that I can be back at a size I want by spring. I've got money I saved from Christmas for post-baby spring/summer clothes and I want to look good in them. I also want to look good in an Easter dress and for Mother's Day since we do family pictures on Mother's Day. I'm doing better on day 1 without coke than I usually am so hopefully I'll be able to not cave! 

Also I now have a few extra minutes in my day now that I have a dishwasher again! Funny how when you get older you get excited about household appliances! It took long enough to get it but I'm oh so happy to have a functioning dishwasher again! 


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