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Thursday, February 02, 2012

sniffles and fevers... oh my - midweek recap

So the other morning after dropping Abby off at school, Alexis and I cuddled on the couch and watched a little PBS with Micah while he finished his breakfast until Beau got home. Daddy promptly stole my cuddle bug from me.... 
But Micah was sweet enough to come cuddle with me for a few minutes before he was running around like the wild 2 year old he normally is! 
After school Abby and Micah played "cleaning superheros" according to Abby.... only they didn't clean one bit ha! They a fair bit of running around and chasing each other or finding "bad guys." They are so busy and have recently decided staying still for the camera is not so fun... hence more pictures of the captive, still subject! 

This week I finally took Micah for a much needed hair cut. He was very well behaved and sat very still and watched for the most part other than a few moments of pressing the buttons and driving the car.
Doesn't he look like such a handsome big boy now?
I had gone to Hancock Fabric for fabric for a backdrop for Alexis's pictures and it happens to be right next to Hobby Lobby. Micah saw HL when we came out and wanted to go there to see the "doggies" - the toy stuffed dogs they have in the store. I'm at least thankful he didn't remember the Petland in the shopping center - especially since they weren't open for another hour. While we were in HL I picked up these Valentine monkeys to color. Both kids really enjoyed that. 
Alexis was conked before her bath the other night and I just love this picture.... 
Yesterday we went to her check-up. She was up to 8 lbs 14 oz and almost 21 inches. That's a pound over her birth weight at 3 weeks. 
She got all dolled up for her appointment. What a pretty girl! 

So last week Micah had a fever and yucky nose.... he got over it.... but unfortunately not before sharing his lovely germs with the rest of us. He loves to give kisses to everyone and while I tried my hardest to keep him from sharing them too much... it's hard to do with a 2 year old! So now Abby is running a fever and stayed home from school today (and will tomorrow as well). Alexis and I both have stuffy noses. She thankfully is not running a fever and the Dr. yesterday said her lungs were clear and it was just congestion. We are running a humidifier in the bedroom and it seems to help a little.
This picture was taken when he didn't have the yucky germs but you can see he loves his sister!

 So today we took it easy and had a lay around, stay in pajamas, watch a lot more tv than we should sort of day. I had the playmat out for Alexis and Micah wanted to jump in and try it. He was quite the little wiggle worm in it though.

Alexis thought the playmat was pretty neat for a little while... then she remembered she was stuffy and got hungry. 

We all took a nap this afternoon... and thankfully Miss Alexis was able to sleep and take a decent little nap despite the stuffy nose.
This evening however she wasn't my normal chill, easy going baby.... she had a hard time sleeping because of her stuffed up nose. She'd doze off, sleep for a little while, then let out a cry. Poor sweet babe. I gave her a bath this evening, shutting the bath room so that the nice warm bath water air would stay in, after I finished bathing Alexis and wrapped her up, I sat down to bath the kids with her all cozy and she dozed off - she was so tired! Of course she woke up when I got her dressed and wrapped up for bedtime and had a hard time falling back asleep after that. 
We are praying these sick germs go away quickly and Alexis doesn't get anything more than this miserable stuffy nose. So that's our week thus far. Hopefully all is well tomorrow as we've got a fun birthday party on Saturday we would hate to miss. At least the weather has been dreary so it's not like we are missing enjoying pretty weather! 

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