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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

jump, jump, jump

This weekend my mom has been in town and Abby and Micah have been in heaven having Gigi here. They could not wait for her to get here on Saturday and were watching out the window half the day even when I told them she wasn't close yet. It was a long weekend because Abby didn't have school today for President's Day (unfortunately we don't get off the whole week for Mardi Gras like Louisiana schools do!) So Monday since she was out of school we headed up towards Austin to San Marcos and took the kids to play at Spring Loaded Trampoline park. I'd never heard of anything like it before but it was so fun for the kids! They bounced and jumped for two hours! 

They had these long 'runways' to run/jump/tumble down.

 And they also had this section that was divided into smaller trampolines. Some nights of the week they have dodgeball tournaments on these! (Sounds like something that would have been fun during high school with my youth group!)
While the kids played in this section they found a girl who was working there (maybe the daughter of the owner since she wasn't that old - but she had an official 'bounce leader' shirt on) Abby and Micah became good friends with her! She tried to teach Abby some summersault tricks (where she would summersault and bounce back up) but Abby and definitely Micah aren't really heavy enough to get a whole lot of bounce from the springs. She had some other friends there and Micah made them all his girlfriends ha!
After two hours of bouncing we went and got some lunch, then headed to the outlet mall to shop... and shop we did... until we dropped. The kids are all now pretty much fully outfitted for spring/summer (Thanks so much Gigi and Pops!) All we need is new water shoes for growing feet! Then it was home where we all collapsed we were tired from our busy day!

It was so nice to have my mom here for the weekend and I know the kids loved it too! Abby has already asked if we can go back to the bounce place again.

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