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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's getting hot in here....

but please keep on all your clothes. Ha! Unlike the body combat instructor today.... 

We (like most areas) have had a very mild winter. In addition to the mild winter we've finally been getting rain. Something we haven't seen much of in the past year. Today it was drizzling this morning and got up to 80 by this afternoon. This also means it's brought lots of humidity. Our little group ex room and gym a/c aren't doing a great job keeping up with it. 35 minutes into the 8:30 combat class the mirrors were fogging up and the floor was getting slippery. It was a full class too with over 30 people which seems even more crowed now that there are new bikes so they take up floor space. We had a fill-in instructor from another Y in town. I've had him once before and he's kinda crazy. Last time he had camo paint on his face. This time a painted on black eye mask. This time however in addition to his compression top, he wore compression bottoms. So not a look anyone can really pull off well, especially in a family gym. It seriously looked like he just forgot to put his shorts on over his boxers if you didn't know better. I could have done without that. Didn't you always want to know that information? Ha! 

I love 8:30 group ex classes because it means I'm home by 9:45 and have most of the day ahead of us. I'm seriously really disappointed the schedule is changing next week because I love the one we have now. All my classes are changing times starting next Monday. Boo! 

When we got home I was able to get most of my to-do list checked off before lunch. Yay! That included folding laundry, unloading/reloading the dishwasher, mopping the floor, picking up and vacuuming the living room and my spring cleaning for today - cleaning out under my bathroom sink. (We don't have drawers or I would have done those too!)

As I folded laundry sweet Miss Lexie laid in the moses basket and 'talked' to me - cooing and smiling away. Look how big she is getting. 
I just about caught a smile. This is the end of it. If you look closely, you can almost see her dimple on her right cheek.

I need to figure out what is going with my camera. I think I messed with a setting or something and it's metering light strangely. Some pictures are over-exposed (too light) and others under-exposed (too dark) all when taken one in the same spot/time. It's annoying me.

We played outside in that late afternoon. We would have gone out earlier but while I fed Alexis the kids took out a bunch of toys and played on the large landing on the stairs. Then they didn't want to clean them up. If the toys had been in the playroom I probably wouldn't have minded - yes we need to work on picking up but in the playroom I don't mind as much. The stairs I do mind because I don't want anyone tripping and falling. It actually felt really nice outside... which can only mean it's going to be very hot here soon!

I'm both looking forward to and dreading the summer. I know it's going to be hot and miserable but also love the pool and splash park and all the summer activities to do!

1 comment :

Traci said...

It's been in the low 80's here & rainy this week. The humidity's awful. Especially, in a 90 degree Yoglates studio! I'm so ready to hang out in the pool but I'm very scared the mild winter is going to mean a very HOT summer. Alexis looks like a baby doll. She's so pretty!