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Sunday, February 12, 2012


This morning, Micah woke up early (as per his usual) and he and Abby immediately started playing (otherwise known as taking all the toys out and covering the playroom and Abby's bedroom with them!)
I fed Alexis and we got ready for Church. It was freezing out this morning and when we got to Church it was sleeting as we walked inside. I'd like to say I'm super happy we made it on time since it was just me getting us ready and out the door! I'd probably be more thrilled if that meant I made it to the sanctuary on time. Two weeks ago we had issues printing Micah's tags (the system had his birthday wrong) and this week it put Abby in the wrong class so that meant we had to spend a few minutes getting the stickers fixed but it all worked out. Alexis and I sat in the cry room - which was good because she nursed through about half the service.

Once at home we changed out of Church clothes, had lunch then the busyness began.

I swept the kitchen.
... washed one round of dishes (dishwasher still not fixed, they said call again on Monday if we hadn't heard back. I applaud anyone who doesn't have a dishwasher! It's been paper plates for eating and meals are decided upon by what takes the fewest dishes to cook!)
.... finished up putting together valentines for Abby and Micah's class
...did two loads of laundry during all this.

Then we ran out to Joanns fabric because I decided last minute to make Alexis a valentine shirt. I already had a blank shirt for her but not for Abby or Micah and Abby already knows what she wants to wear so I didn't make shirts for them... though now I'm sad about that.

The kids were behaving so well I stopped and rented them a movie at Redbox... but they had to pick up some of the toys they took out this morning before watching it.

Once back at home I stuck the fabric in the wash.

....vacuumed the living room.
.... fed Alexis.
.... popped popcorn for a snack.
.... did more laundry
.... folded laundry
.... took out the Silhouette and finished up a onesie for a friend's baby and made Alexis's onesie
.... cooked dinner
.... washed more laundry
.... put away the dished I washed earlier
.... helped Abby write names on all the valentines for her class (22 takes a lot more time than the 10 from last year! You'd think it was just double but it seemed to take even longer than that!)
.... washed the dinner dishes
.... made Abby's lunch for tomorrow
.... packed up Abby's backpack
.... bathed the kids and put them to sleep
.... changed the sheets on the master bedroom
.... put away 3 full baskets of laundry

Tired yet? I am! Not sure where I got all the energy to accomplish all that today! At least we are starting out the week in a pretty good spot... well we've got clean clothes and towels anyway!

I need to do actual cleaning cleaning but by the time I get done picking up my time is generally up (baby needing me, Micah needing me... you get the idea)

I'd like to say now that we are in a good place I'd get it done tomorrow but we have MOPS tomorrow morning and Bible class on Tuesday so by Wednesday it will be time to repeat the above...  being out all morning usually wears us out so not a whole lot gets done those afternoons.

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Unknown said...

Wow... you are one busy woman!