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Friday, February 10, 2012

Alexis is one month old!

It's hard to believe this sweet little thing is already one month old! Time has just flown by and she's not an itty bitty newborn anymore. She's still little of course but just not as little. I realized last week that we hadn't made her a bear like we had for Abby and Micah so we fixed that this morning and took her one month pictures. Micah enjoyed helping us build her bear and was a very sweet big brother about it!
Micah and Abby are still in love with their little sister. When she's crying they'll tell me that she's hungry and both still love to get a chance to hold her. Micah has a little jealousy when he's tired, especially in the evenings since Alexis likes to cluster feed and has been a little more needy during bedtime which is when I usually rock him as well. I've managed to rock both at the same time. Micah wasn't thrilled with that solution but it got the job done. Nights that Beau is home during the evening Alexis will hang out with Daddy and take a bottle of pumped milk (yay!) while I have some time to rock Micah.
 Alexis is still a pretty easy going baby. The past few days she's stated to have much more awake time and is coming out of that super sleepy newborn phase. She likes to lay on her playmat for short periods of time and really seems to enjoy watching Abby and Micah. This morning Micah was sitting next to her while she was in the bouncy seat and she was giving him some serious smiles! Yesterday afternoon and evening she wanted to eat and eat and didn't want to sleep past a cat nap. I think we might have had a little growth spurt. I was worried how the night would go as she didn't want to be put down and was eating more often than normal but all the eating and not sleeping wore her out and she gave me the best night of sleep yet! I hate to jinx it by saying that though!
1 month stats 

Weight - probably in the 9 lb range (was 8 lbs 14 oz at 3 weeks) 
Length - 21 inches 
Clothes: Mostly 0-3 month/3 month clothes but she easily still fits in the few newborn items I have as well (I just didn't buy more than a couple nb sized things knowing how short they last!)
Diaper: size 1, we moved up about a week ago when we ran out of nb sized diapers.
Nursing -  anywhere from every hour (in the evening cluster feeding) but mostly 3-4 hour stretches. 


1 comment :

Traci said...

She's such a pretty baby!