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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend recap

So Friday, Micah was a sad little guy with a fever. We watched quite a few movies and hung out in our pajamas. However by afternoon he was playing normally with Abby. His fever was thankfully gone by Saturday morning. 
We got out Saturday morning and headed to the mall because there was an outfit I wanted at Gap for Alexis that is no longer available online. Well it wasn't in the store either. It hasn't been out that long either... just must have sold out super fast. I'm going to check another location though and cross my fingers. Then we played on the playground at the mall for a while until the kids got hungry and cranky so we can home for lunch after they fought over the snack (who was holding the bag/got which one...)
This morning we were able to make it to Church. It had been a long night since Alexis wanted to cluster feed until about 1 am and only cat-napped for 30 minutes at a time... then she and Micah took turns waking up for the rest of the night. (Micah had a coughing fit a couple times - I think because of extra saliva since he's getting a new tooth) Abby and Micah both woke up around 7 am, Beau was sweet and when he got home watched them so I could sleep a little longer before he went to bed for the "night." The kids and I then got ready for Church. Alexis looked so sweet in her pretty dress!
I put her on her tummy to button the back... and she just dozed off. 
So we didn't make it to our 'normal' service time at 9:45 and instead went to the late service at 11:30... man is that late! It was 1 pm before we were in the car leaving the parking lot - good thing we had a late breakfast! By the time we were done with lunch it was 2 pm.... so no nap for Micah today. 
No naps for Micah goes okay in the afternoon until about 6 pm when he starts getting really tired. He was a little sad/fussy while I was getting dinner on plates (Thank goodness for sweet sweet friends who had brought meals by on the days Beau works in the evenings so I don't have to worry about cooking! It's been a huge blessing!) Bath time went okay but he was quite irritable about brushing teeth, bedtime prayers, turning out the light, getting his pillow. He fell asleep quickly though. I'm not sure which is the better in a no-win situation - an overtired boy who falls asleep quickly but makes the last hour of the day more difficult (and no nap/downtime in the afternoon) or napping and taking a lot longer to wind down to sleep at night. 

One benefit of him going down early meant I was able to get him to sleep, head downstairs make Abby's lunch for tomorrow, pick up in the den and kitchen quickly, switch the laundry and wash all the cups in the sink before Alexis was ready to eat again at 8 pm. So that was a pretty productive hour....  Then I had time to blog a little before my brain started to shut down like it's doing now... hence the extra rambling. Ha! Night all! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! 

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