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Friday, January 27, 2012

sickness, sisters and other stuff

Yesterday Micah started running a low grade fever but played normally all day. Last night it got pretty high around 1 am - poor thing. This morning it was back to just a low grade fever but you could tell he wasn't himself so we settled in to watch movies this morning. First up was Dumbo, then Charlotte's Web 2. By the middle of the second movie and a breakfast buffet, he had perked up considerably. I thought about heading out to run an errand but since we were getting a later start by the time I had showered and gotten every one ready and fed Alexis, it was getting too close to lunch time to run our errands before the bottomless pit (Micah) got hungry again. Plus I tried to put his strawberries he hadn't eaten away in the fridge and we had a meltdown over that. 

So Miss Alexis was all dressed up with no where to go..... 
She enjoyed watching big brother play around and he tried to love on her but I had to try and keep his hands and kisses away from her face because I really don't want my itty bitty babe to get sick!
Abby was excited today about her outfit because they matched. She wanted me to wake up Alexis this morning and dress her before Abby left for school and even told her teacher how Alexis was going to wear her matching outfit. So of course I had to attempt some pictures of them together! Alexis wasn't in the mood to be held in Abby's lap but she was content to lay down and stretch out.

Micah who didn't really want his picture taken by himself in the past couple days, didn't want to be left out though!

This afternoon we had a serious meltdown hour around here. Micah woke up about 20 minutes after Abby and I got home from picking her up at school. He wasn't a happy camper to be awake just yet, he finally cheered up and tried to play with Abby but they got in a squabble about something which lead to him melting down. I tried to take him downstairs put on another movie for him to cuddle up and watch with me while I fed Alexis but he wasn't having it. Abby wasn't happy either because she wasn't allowed to watch the movie or play on her leap pad until she cleaned her room up a little (something she is fully capable of and does on her own every once in a while) Abby and Micah had been playing well together Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and in doing so they had also taken out about 75% of all the toys in the playroom and Abby's room. So it was time to clean up and Abby was not happy about that fact! We had attempted clean up time the night before but everyone kept getting distracted playing instead. Finally the toys were cleaned up so we could see the floor again and Micah had cheered up. That was a very noisy hour. I think Beau might have been happy to escape to work this evening... Thankfully the rest of the evening was pretty quiet with no more major meltdowns.

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