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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

random ramblings

Abby's back in school this week. They started back Monday, the 2nd. They had two full weeks off but starting back the 2nd just seems so early! We are slowly adjusting to having to get up and get going early in the morning. Even just the extra hour that we got when we hit the early gym classes seemed like a relaxing morning (especially since Micah wakes at 7 no matter what almost every day)

But before she went back to school we got to hang out with my parents for the New Years and celebrate Christmas with them. I still need to go through, edit and blog those pictures. My mom brought this add water to create snow stuff to play with and the kids loved it. It made quite the mess - especially since it has glitter in it and I'm still finding glitter in some spots from it but the kids loved it! 
I (well the family) got a fabulous Christmas present from Beau. We got a (new to us) Acadia. It's nice to have more room in the car... though that room decreases quickly when you add 3 car-seats, two of which are rear-facing. I love my pretty new ride! 
Beau has been playing with his new tools he got for Christmas and the kids and I hung out while he rebuilt the drawer that had broken in the kitchen. They "built" things with Micah's new tools while Daddy worked with his tools. 
Last night Micah had a hard time sleeping and was awake from about 10:30/11 until 1 am just not sleeping. You couldn't be made at him because he wasn't trying to play, he would just lay there awake but he wanted mommy next to him and would rub my arm every so often to make sure I was there. Beau was off from work last night/today for his "weekend" and ever so nicely offered to get Abby up for school so Micah and I could sleep. That didn't totally work out because Micah woke up anyway but he and Daddy went off to the gym so I got some down time this morning. 

This afternoon I had Micah down for a nap and he should have napped for at least another 30 minutes to an hour but he instead woke up in the 15 minutes I was gone picking up Abby from school and was not happy to see Daddy instead of Mommy. He needed some serious cuddles to get rid of the grumps after that. So we sat, rocked and watched Curious George and had an after school snack. 
We tried playing Uno Moo (which is really fun) and round 1 went well but eventually Micah wasn't happy he didn't have the dog piece he wanted so that ended in meltdowns. Even ice cream couldn't cheer the little bit up. :( A trip out to the swing set though.... that made him super happy. The weather has been lovely too. Well maybe a little warm - I think it was about 70 this afternoon. So not feeling like December in the afternoons but the mornings are chilly. 
The kids got bug catchers from a friend's birthday party a while back and still love them. So after swinging they went on a bug hunt for rolly pollys. Too bad they came across this instead. EEK! At least he was small right? (See rolly polly next to him for sizing) I don't think him being small makes me any happier. 
The kids and I managed to be pretty productive this afternoon between all the playing as well. I gave them each one of the handheld vacuums and they "helped" vacuum the stairs. Then we took out the recycling and the trash bags from the upstairs trash cans. I told Micah he was a good big helper and he was so cute to repeat after me "big helper!" I also got the kitchen floor mopped (much needed after the holiday weekend of wearing shoes in the house) and cooked and cleaned up after dinner. Pretty good for being pregnant as I feel. Now it's time to lay in bed because my back is well aware of how productive we've been! Ha! 



Leah said...

Jealous of your new ride! I want an Acadia so badly. It'll be our next car :)

Traci said...

Your new car is so pretty! I love the color!! What a wonderful Christmas gift.