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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One week

It's Miss Alexis's one week birthday. This week seriously has flown by! I'm sad this sweet newborn phase is already going so quickly but know that there are still good stages ahead. Micah's super sweet, adorable, loving and chatty lately. There is just something about a newborn cradled in your arms that is hard to beat though. Right now she's laying next to me on the bed hiccuping and looking around. She took a 30 minute nap in Daddy's arms after having her first bottle while I tried to get Micah to sleep (he was too chatty and wiggly so he still wasn't asleep... please don't let this bed the end of naps!)  This awake time with multiple feedings before bed has meant so far that she sleeps well at night! 

This afternoon it was beautiful outside so we headed outside to ride bikes and Daddy tried to fix the lights that have gone out on the truck. There is a short in the fuse.... but he can't find it. Very fustrating. Add in a broken dishwasher and a broken living room fan - lots of stuff not working around here! I'm annoyed we didn't hear back from the landlord today and I didn't think about it until too late in the day to call. Must call first thing tomorrow! When Micah was born the a/c went out, and I remember my SIL's dishwasher went out when her little one arrived as well. I don't remember anything breaking when Abby was itty bitty though. 

While outside the kids came across a kitty. They loved watching her. Beau told Abby over a year ago she could have a cat when she turned 6 thinking it was far enough away she'd forget.... as soon as I heard that come out of Abby's mouth I looked at Beau and told him he was in serious trouble. I'm not a cat person and Abby hasn't forgotten... she tells everyone all about it. I don't think a stuffed toy will do either. 
Micah is super speedy on his balance trike. He's close to outgrowing it. I'm thinking a balance bike is in order for his 3rd birthday. Wait did I really just say he'll be 3? Not for 4 more months at least. 
Little Alexis joined us outside since it was so pretty (it's totally not feeling like January when we get up to 77!) I wrapped her up my wrap and she was snug and cozy. I have a baby wearing/carrier addiction - Beau rolls his eyes at my collection. I 'need' different carriers for different situations. I've finally found happiness in what I have though every time they update the carriers - especially my trusty Ergo that I got when Abby was 7 months old I wish I could trade my old one in for the new prettier version but mine is holding up well so no real reason to. 
We have a massive kitchen so currently I have our table moved into the middle of it and created a little mini photography studio in the area the table usually is so that I could use the natural light from the big sliding glass doors and windows in that area. I spent yesterday morning taking newborn pictures of Alexis and this afternoon I snapped some pictures of all 3 kids together. (Which by the way is much easier with another person there to assist and get the kids attention - Thanks Grandma!) I still have a few more shots I want to try of Alexis so my kitchen is still doubling as a studio. I'm going to have a lot of photos to edit here shortly! 

Speaking of pictures I need to learn how to use the delete feature more often and I need to move some pictures off my computer to create more space. I have them backed up, some in two places, plus the ones on the blog (though for the past year plus they've all been resized for the web so not printable quality anymore) but still I hate deleting them off the computer.... what if ya know? 


Kirsten Oliphant said...

Congrats, Katie! She's beautiful and so glad to see you up and about. Joy and peace to your family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you! Pappy came to the office to show me pics! Alexis is a beautiful baby, though I didn't expect anything else. Abby & Micah are beautiful as well! I always enjoy hearing about your growing family! God bless you all!
Denise Saccaro @ Boh Bros.