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Saturday, January 21, 2012

On our own

Thursday, Grandma (Beau's mom) flew back home, my mom had gone back home the previous Saturday (the day Grandma arrived) so we've been on our own for the past few days. We are adjusting pretty well so far. 

Friday, the bouncy seat I ordered arrived at Walmart (site-to-store shipping) so Micah and I headed to pick up Abby from school then headed to pick it up. We had a seat with Abby and Micah but neither kid really liked the one we had (an infant to toddler rocker) so I had gotten rid of it and we got a different style for Alexis. It was my first time getting out with all three and it went well. Miss Alexis snoozed away in the wrap the whole trip. At home we put together the seat and then headed outside to let the kids play on the driveway. Alexis seems to approve of her seat. :) 
The kids had fun playing and enjoying the warm January weather. I'm thankful it's warm enough to play outside since they play so nicely, it had drizzled that morning so the grass was all wet so we opted for the driveway instead of the backyard.  
Abby geared up in Micah's tool belt, hard hat and safety glasses while Micah hammered away on some scrap wood we have.  

Little Alexis loves to lay and stretch out on her changing table and even enjoys her little wash cloth baths. Doesn't she look precious all squeaky clean? 
This morning Alexis woke up and Abby and Micah were quick to want to say good morning. They are both good little helpers when it comes to Alexis. Micah especially wants to be a "big helper" and will bring me diapers, wipes, cover Alexis with her blanket and kiss all over her! They both love to hold her. 

I've learned that getting out of the house now takes 3 times as long... only not for the reasons it should. I can easily get the diaper bag ready to go and we can get out the door. However Micah has decided that now he wants to wear his big boy underwear out of the house which is fine but he doesn't want to go potty before leaving so I have to spend what seems like 10 minutes convincing him to go potty before we leave. I love that he wants to wear his big boy underwear but not quite as much when he wants to wear them but refuses to go potty! 

Now there are little squeaks coming from the moses basket next to me... I think some is getting a little hungry. 

(All instagram/iphone pictures today because sleep takes priority over photo editing right now and all photo editing time is going towards Alexis's newborn pictures right now) 

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