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Monday, January 16, 2012

January 10, 2012

The morning of the 10th, we got up and got Abby off to school, everyone else had some breakfast and we took a quick last belly shot. Micah wasn't really in the mood though... He wanted to hold the sign for the most part and went out willingly but wasn't wanting to take a picture.
Then it was off to check in at the hospital. We didn't have to be there until 10:30 am and the c-section  wasn't until 12:30 - needless to say I was getting pretty hungry while we waited for the Dr. to show up. (He was late by the way - even the nurse asked if we had seen him at some point ha!) Eventually we were all ready. 

Cutting the cord 
Miss Alexis got checked over and dried off. 

The nurse lifted her up to show me all her chunk. Daddy was pretty close with his guess on the weight (He guessed 7 lbs 12 oz, our midwife guessed closer to 7 lbs 4 oz) 
Getting her first bow :) 
All three of us 
They moved me to gurney and I finally got to hold my little one (okay finally might be a slight exaggeration as it didn't take that long but still)
Abby, Micah and Gigi arrived about the same time we got to our room. What a proud big sister - she couldn't wait to hold Alexis. 
Micah was excited as well.  
He needs a little help holding her - but man does my tiny guy look big now!  

 And a few more pictures of the sweet little girl. 
She's such a doll. She's been a very easy baby so far - I keep expecting her to really wake up one of these days soon and give us a run for our money. Right now it's just Abby and Micah keeping us busy - just add in a little extra sleep deprivation from the nursing around the clock as well. 

Here she is in her sweet home coming outfit. 

We didn't get any good 'coming home' pictures though. We spent all day - literally - waiting to be discharged because the Dr. didn't come by until after his office hours at 6:45. Miss Alexis also spent that afternoon being very hungry and restless - likely feeling the same restlessness we had of being ready to get out of there! Poor babe cried the whole way out of the hospital and half the way home.. That's the only real period of fussiness she's had though.  It was dark so not good for picture taking either and we were just ready to get home and have dinner!


Traci said...

Such sweet pics! C section babies are so pretty! I love her big bow!! Hope you're feeling ok!

Unknown said...

I must've missed the part where you were having a c/s.

Congrats momma! She's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Have fun with your new LO.