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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 weeks

Yesterday was 2 weeks since Alexis arrived and it seems like she's been here with us for longer than that but it also seems like time is just going way to fast! 

Sunday morning it was a little dreary, windy and chilly out. Beau had worked overnight so I wasn't up for taking all 3 to Church by myself just yet so we stayed home and played and had a relaxing morning. Alexis was happy to lay on her blanket, wiggle and watch Abby and Micah play for a little while between feedings. 
Abby is in love with her little sister and calls her 'precious' all the time. So sweet! 
Sunday afternoon we also had birthday party to go to. Abby and Micah had a blast at sweet Presely's party. Alexis slept in the wrap for most of it. 

Alexis is just growing way too fast! She's definitely getting enough milk. Just look at that belly and those rolls on her little leg already! 
She's not that big though and fits just perfectly cuddled up on my chest. I love a sweet, tiny babe cuddled up on me! 
Tuesday, Alexis, Micah and I headed back to Bible class. Micah missed playing with his friends since we haven't really gone out of the house much so he hasn't been to Bible class or the gym lately. I enjoy the ladies I work with and all the little kids so I was ready to go back. Most everyone was shocked I was there so soon. 
Last night it stormed hard here and we got a ton of rain. It was still overcast, windy and a little chilly today so a good day to stay in our jammies all day. Well for Alexis anyway... I got dressed because I had my 2 week check up on my incision with the midwife today. We did dress up the jammies with a cute bow though. 
Before bedtime tonight Abby and Micah both had to get their cuddles in with their baby sister. Both love to hold her! 

I think I'm going to have to make a very hard decision soon - Micah seems to be close to the end of napping. He'll still go down for a nap fairly easily (if I go through our normal routine - if I have to feed the baby and skip the rocking it does take longer) but it's making him falling asleep at bedtime take about 3 times as long! 

Micah is such a sweet helper with little Alexis. He loves to help get a diaper - which with the pampers they have Sesame Street characters so he has to pick which one he wants her to wear. He will cover her with her blanket, kiss all over her and wants to hold her whenever he can. 

I'm about 1/3rd of the way through with Alexis's newborn pictures - it's going very slowly since my computer time is more limited - especially since I try to get to bed earlier (well apparently not tonight though!) Thank goodness for the iphone and instagram pictures to fill the blog for now! 



Aubrey said...

Girl, I totally understand your concern with Micah's nap time. We finally had to take Lyla's away because it was a fight at nap time, then she'd nap for so long and waking her meant she was grumpy and then bedtime was a chore every night. She's so tired now at bedtime, but it is so much easier to get her to sleep.

Traci said...

They're all so cute! I just Alexis' little rolls!