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Monday, January 30, 2012

Alexis's newborn pictures

Alexis is such a sweet little model for me! I've had fun practicing my photography on her and getting what I think are some pretty sweet newborn pics of her. 

These are a few of my favorites but I've got a couple more but don't want to overload the post with pictures....

Grandparents (and great-grandparents, aunt/uncle, auntie....) - let me know which ya'll like if you want pics and I'm going to order prints. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend recap

So Friday, Micah was a sad little guy with a fever. We watched quite a few movies and hung out in our pajamas. However by afternoon he was playing normally with Abby. His fever was thankfully gone by Saturday morning. 
We got out Saturday morning and headed to the mall because there was an outfit I wanted at Gap for Alexis that is no longer available online. Well it wasn't in the store either. It hasn't been out that long either... just must have sold out super fast. I'm going to check another location though and cross my fingers. Then we played on the playground at the mall for a while until the kids got hungry and cranky so we can home for lunch after they fought over the snack (who was holding the bag/got which one...)
This morning we were able to make it to Church. It had been a long night since Alexis wanted to cluster feed until about 1 am and only cat-napped for 30 minutes at a time... then she and Micah took turns waking up for the rest of the night. (Micah had a coughing fit a couple times - I think because of extra saliva since he's getting a new tooth) Abby and Micah both woke up around 7 am, Beau was sweet and when he got home watched them so I could sleep a little longer before he went to bed for the "night." The kids and I then got ready for Church. Alexis looked so sweet in her pretty dress!
I put her on her tummy to button the back... and she just dozed off. 
So we didn't make it to our 'normal' service time at 9:45 and instead went to the late service at 11:30... man is that late! It was 1 pm before we were in the car leaving the parking lot - good thing we had a late breakfast! By the time we were done with lunch it was 2 pm.... so no nap for Micah today. 
No naps for Micah goes okay in the afternoon until about 6 pm when he starts getting really tired. He was a little sad/fussy while I was getting dinner on plates (Thank goodness for sweet sweet friends who had brought meals by on the days Beau works in the evenings so I don't have to worry about cooking! It's been a huge blessing!) Bath time went okay but he was quite irritable about brushing teeth, bedtime prayers, turning out the light, getting his pillow. He fell asleep quickly though. I'm not sure which is the better in a no-win situation - an overtired boy who falls asleep quickly but makes the last hour of the day more difficult (and no nap/downtime in the afternoon) or napping and taking a lot longer to wind down to sleep at night. 

One benefit of him going down early meant I was able to get him to sleep, head downstairs make Abby's lunch for tomorrow, pick up in the den and kitchen quickly, switch the laundry and wash all the cups in the sink before Alexis was ready to eat again at 8 pm. So that was a pretty productive hour....  Then I had time to blog a little before my brain started to shut down like it's doing now... hence the extra rambling. Ha! Night all! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

sickness, sisters and other stuff

Yesterday Micah started running a low grade fever but played normally all day. Last night it got pretty high around 1 am - poor thing. This morning it was back to just a low grade fever but you could tell he wasn't himself so we settled in to watch movies this morning. First up was Dumbo, then Charlotte's Web 2. By the middle of the second movie and a breakfast buffet, he had perked up considerably. I thought about heading out to run an errand but since we were getting a later start by the time I had showered and gotten every one ready and fed Alexis, it was getting too close to lunch time to run our errands before the bottomless pit (Micah) got hungry again. Plus I tried to put his strawberries he hadn't eaten away in the fridge and we had a meltdown over that. 

So Miss Alexis was all dressed up with no where to go..... 
She enjoyed watching big brother play around and he tried to love on her but I had to try and keep his hands and kisses away from her face because I really don't want my itty bitty babe to get sick!
Abby was excited today about her outfit because they matched. She wanted me to wake up Alexis this morning and dress her before Abby left for school and even told her teacher how Alexis was going to wear her matching outfit. So of course I had to attempt some pictures of them together! Alexis wasn't in the mood to be held in Abby's lap but she was content to lay down and stretch out.

Micah who didn't really want his picture taken by himself in the past couple days, didn't want to be left out though!

This afternoon we had a serious meltdown hour around here. Micah woke up about 20 minutes after Abby and I got home from picking her up at school. He wasn't a happy camper to be awake just yet, he finally cheered up and tried to play with Abby but they got in a squabble about something which lead to him melting down. I tried to take him downstairs put on another movie for him to cuddle up and watch with me while I fed Alexis but he wasn't having it. Abby wasn't happy either because she wasn't allowed to watch the movie or play on her leap pad until she cleaned her room up a little (something she is fully capable of and does on her own every once in a while) Abby and Micah had been playing well together Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and in doing so they had also taken out about 75% of all the toys in the playroom and Abby's room. So it was time to clean up and Abby was not happy about that fact! We had attempted clean up time the night before but everyone kept getting distracted playing instead. Finally the toys were cleaned up so we could see the floor again and Micah had cheered up. That was a very noisy hour. I think Beau might have been happy to escape to work this evening... Thankfully the rest of the evening was pretty quiet with no more major meltdowns.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 weeks

Yesterday was 2 weeks since Alexis arrived and it seems like she's been here with us for longer than that but it also seems like time is just going way to fast! 

Sunday morning it was a little dreary, windy and chilly out. Beau had worked overnight so I wasn't up for taking all 3 to Church by myself just yet so we stayed home and played and had a relaxing morning. Alexis was happy to lay on her blanket, wiggle and watch Abby and Micah play for a little while between feedings. 
Abby is in love with her little sister and calls her 'precious' all the time. So sweet! 
Sunday afternoon we also had birthday party to go to. Abby and Micah had a blast at sweet Presely's party. Alexis slept in the wrap for most of it. 

Alexis is just growing way too fast! She's definitely getting enough milk. Just look at that belly and those rolls on her little leg already! 
She's not that big though and fits just perfectly cuddled up on my chest. I love a sweet, tiny babe cuddled up on me! 
Tuesday, Alexis, Micah and I headed back to Bible class. Micah missed playing with his friends since we haven't really gone out of the house much so he hasn't been to Bible class or the gym lately. I enjoy the ladies I work with and all the little kids so I was ready to go back. Most everyone was shocked I was there so soon. 
Last night it stormed hard here and we got a ton of rain. It was still overcast, windy and a little chilly today so a good day to stay in our jammies all day. Well for Alexis anyway... I got dressed because I had my 2 week check up on my incision with the midwife today. We did dress up the jammies with a cute bow though. 
Before bedtime tonight Abby and Micah both had to get their cuddles in with their baby sister. Both love to hold her! 

I think I'm going to have to make a very hard decision soon - Micah seems to be close to the end of napping. He'll still go down for a nap fairly easily (if I go through our normal routine - if I have to feed the baby and skip the rocking it does take longer) but it's making him falling asleep at bedtime take about 3 times as long! 

Micah is such a sweet helper with little Alexis. He loves to help get a diaper - which with the pampers they have Sesame Street characters so he has to pick which one he wants her to wear. He will cover her with her blanket, kiss all over her and wants to hold her whenever he can. 

I'm about 1/3rd of the way through with Alexis's newborn pictures - it's going very slowly since my computer time is more limited - especially since I try to get to bed earlier (well apparently not tonight though!) Thank goodness for the iphone and instagram pictures to fill the blog for now! 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

On our own

Thursday, Grandma (Beau's mom) flew back home, my mom had gone back home the previous Saturday (the day Grandma arrived) so we've been on our own for the past few days. We are adjusting pretty well so far. 

Friday, the bouncy seat I ordered arrived at Walmart (site-to-store shipping) so Micah and I headed to pick up Abby from school then headed to pick it up. We had a seat with Abby and Micah but neither kid really liked the one we had (an infant to toddler rocker) so I had gotten rid of it and we got a different style for Alexis. It was my first time getting out with all three and it went well. Miss Alexis snoozed away in the wrap the whole trip. At home we put together the seat and then headed outside to let the kids play on the driveway. Alexis seems to approve of her seat. :) 
The kids had fun playing and enjoying the warm January weather. I'm thankful it's warm enough to play outside since they play so nicely, it had drizzled that morning so the grass was all wet so we opted for the driveway instead of the backyard.  
Abby geared up in Micah's tool belt, hard hat and safety glasses while Micah hammered away on some scrap wood we have.  

Little Alexis loves to lay and stretch out on her changing table and even enjoys her little wash cloth baths. Doesn't she look precious all squeaky clean? 
This morning Alexis woke up and Abby and Micah were quick to want to say good morning. They are both good little helpers when it comes to Alexis. Micah especially wants to be a "big helper" and will bring me diapers, wipes, cover Alexis with her blanket and kiss all over her! They both love to hold her. 

I've learned that getting out of the house now takes 3 times as long... only not for the reasons it should. I can easily get the diaper bag ready to go and we can get out the door. However Micah has decided that now he wants to wear his big boy underwear out of the house which is fine but he doesn't want to go potty before leaving so I have to spend what seems like 10 minutes convincing him to go potty before we leave. I love that he wants to wear his big boy underwear but not quite as much when he wants to wear them but refuses to go potty! 

Now there are little squeaks coming from the moses basket next to me... I think some is getting a little hungry. 

(All instagram/iphone pictures today because sleep takes priority over photo editing right now and all photo editing time is going towards Alexis's newborn pictures right now) 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One week

It's Miss Alexis's one week birthday. This week seriously has flown by! I'm sad this sweet newborn phase is already going so quickly but know that there are still good stages ahead. Micah's super sweet, adorable, loving and chatty lately. There is just something about a newborn cradled in your arms that is hard to beat though. Right now she's laying next to me on the bed hiccuping and looking around. She took a 30 minute nap in Daddy's arms after having her first bottle while I tried to get Micah to sleep (he was too chatty and wiggly so he still wasn't asleep... please don't let this bed the end of naps!)  This awake time with multiple feedings before bed has meant so far that she sleeps well at night! 

This afternoon it was beautiful outside so we headed outside to ride bikes and Daddy tried to fix the lights that have gone out on the truck. There is a short in the fuse.... but he can't find it. Very fustrating. Add in a broken dishwasher and a broken living room fan - lots of stuff not working around here! I'm annoyed we didn't hear back from the landlord today and I didn't think about it until too late in the day to call. Must call first thing tomorrow! When Micah was born the a/c went out, and I remember my SIL's dishwasher went out when her little one arrived as well. I don't remember anything breaking when Abby was itty bitty though. 

While outside the kids came across a kitty. They loved watching her. Beau told Abby over a year ago she could have a cat when she turned 6 thinking it was far enough away she'd forget.... as soon as I heard that come out of Abby's mouth I looked at Beau and told him he was in serious trouble. I'm not a cat person and Abby hasn't forgotten... she tells everyone all about it. I don't think a stuffed toy will do either. 
Micah is super speedy on his balance trike. He's close to outgrowing it. I'm thinking a balance bike is in order for his 3rd birthday. Wait did I really just say he'll be 3? Not for 4 more months at least. 
Little Alexis joined us outside since it was so pretty (it's totally not feeling like January when we get up to 77!) I wrapped her up my wrap and she was snug and cozy. I have a baby wearing/carrier addiction - Beau rolls his eyes at my collection. I 'need' different carriers for different situations. I've finally found happiness in what I have though every time they update the carriers - especially my trusty Ergo that I got when Abby was 7 months old I wish I could trade my old one in for the new prettier version but mine is holding up well so no real reason to. 
We have a massive kitchen so currently I have our table moved into the middle of it and created a little mini photography studio in the area the table usually is so that I could use the natural light from the big sliding glass doors and windows in that area. I spent yesterday morning taking newborn pictures of Alexis and this afternoon I snapped some pictures of all 3 kids together. (Which by the way is much easier with another person there to assist and get the kids attention - Thanks Grandma!) I still have a few more shots I want to try of Alexis so my kitchen is still doubling as a studio. I'm going to have a lot of photos to edit here shortly! 

Speaking of pictures I need to learn how to use the delete feature more often and I need to move some pictures off my computer to create more space. I have them backed up, some in two places, plus the ones on the blog (though for the past year plus they've all been resized for the web so not printable quality anymore) but still I hate deleting them off the computer.... what if ya know? 

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 10, 2012

The morning of the 10th, we got up and got Abby off to school, everyone else had some breakfast and we took a quick last belly shot. Micah wasn't really in the mood though... He wanted to hold the sign for the most part and went out willingly but wasn't wanting to take a picture.
Then it was off to check in at the hospital. We didn't have to be there until 10:30 am and the c-section  wasn't until 12:30 - needless to say I was getting pretty hungry while we waited for the Dr. to show up. (He was late by the way - even the nurse asked if we had seen him at some point ha!) Eventually we were all ready. 

Cutting the cord 
Miss Alexis got checked over and dried off. 

The nurse lifted her up to show me all her chunk. Daddy was pretty close with his guess on the weight (He guessed 7 lbs 12 oz, our midwife guessed closer to 7 lbs 4 oz) 
Getting her first bow :) 
All three of us 
They moved me to gurney and I finally got to hold my little one (okay finally might be a slight exaggeration as it didn't take that long but still)
Abby, Micah and Gigi arrived about the same time we got to our room. What a proud big sister - she couldn't wait to hold Alexis. 
Micah was excited as well.  
He needs a little help holding her - but man does my tiny guy look big now!  

 And a few more pictures of the sweet little girl. 
She's such a doll. She's been a very easy baby so far - I keep expecting her to really wake up one of these days soon and give us a run for our money. Right now it's just Abby and Micah keeping us busy - just add in a little extra sleep deprivation from the nursing around the clock as well. 

Here she is in her sweet home coming outfit. 

We didn't get any good 'coming home' pictures though. We spent all day - literally - waiting to be discharged because the Dr. didn't come by until after his office hours at 6:45. Miss Alexis also spent that afternoon being very hungry and restless - likely feeling the same restlessness we had of being ready to get out of there! Poor babe cried the whole way out of the hospital and half the way home.. That's the only real period of fussiness she's had though.  It was dark so not good for picture taking either and we were just ready to get home and have dinner!