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Saturday, December 24, 2011

the week before Christmas

Last Friday (over a week ago now) Abby had her class Christmas party. They were able to wear their pjs to school, her teacher made hot chocolate and they watched The Polar Express in the morning. During their lunch we set up their classroom and they came back to have their party. They decorated sugar cookies and had snacks (not that they needed it right after lunch!) Then they played a reverse hot potato game where whoever had the present got to open it, then the game continued until everyone got a present. 

The Elf was up to many, many antics over the week. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of a lot of them. One day he was in a bowl of marshmallows, another he was riding in a car with Barbie, one day he left a banner of toilet paper with how many days until Christmas. The kids and my favorite was when he got really mischievous and colored all over the kids bathroom mirror. 

 Micah had a little chat with the Elf - saying "no, no silly elf!"
Here's a few more things our Elf has been up to this week. 

Fishing for goldfish
 Eating the gingerbread houses

We had a gingerbread house making party at our friend's house. We had a blast! 

Their houses turned out so cute too! Micah was so sweet too because while he wanted to eat a lot of the candy he'd come ask me for almost every piece he wanted to eat. "Eat this candy mommy?" 

Now we are all ready for Christmas! The presents are wrapped and under the tree (well except for gifts from Santa) and the kids are ready! 

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