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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shopping, baking and Christmas preparation

Yesterday was a busy busy day. Abby is off of school until January so she is home with us for the next two weeks. After breakfast and getting ready we headed out to the stores. We went to the bank, fabric store (for some fabric for Gigi to make things for this sweet babe,) Walmart, the mall (amazingly not that crowded in the morning!), Lowe's, picked up Chick-fil-a for lunch and Target. Whew! The kids were great - Abby had her listening ears and was a super helper. Micah got a little tired of sitting in the stroller and wanted to walk instead at the mall. We knocked out the last 3 presents I needed to take care of and the few other items we needed.

When we finally got home and instead of resting we jumped right into baking all the cookie dough I had chilling in the fridge. Gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies. They covered just about every surface of the kitchen when I had them out cooling. We frosted the gingerbread cookies because I was bringing them along to my girls night out that night. Abby read the Gingerbread Man at school and so I made Abby and Micah each a big gingerbread person. After I frosted the rest of them we decorated their gingerbread people. Abby had a lot of fun with that. It was a little hard for her to do but she directed how she wanted her iced. 
(all iphone pictures today)
 Micah was just excited to have his very own cookie. 
I fixed a platter to bring to my girls night and packed up another large amount for the kids and Beau to bring to our neighbors that Beau is friends with. Tied up with my pretty twine.
After I got home from girl's night out (where we ate a delicious meal and made blessing bags to give to the homeless) I got to work wrapping all the presents I hadn't wrapped yet. While we were at Target earlier I needed wrapping paper... but again they were out of the brown kraft paper I happen to love. I've been to two different Targets, one twice and they've been out all 3 of those visits. So I had to go with different paper to get them wrapped. I found some that kind of work along with the kraft paper, one being a kraft paper with a gold finish and a more kid friendly paper with a tan background and lots of fun colors that tie in the twine colors I have. So it worked but it's not as cohesive as I wanted. I wrapped the kids presents from Mimi and Pappy and from us, Santa presents are going to stay hidden. 
This year we are doing 3 presents per kid from us - one to play with, one to read, one to wear. The wear and read are wrapped and will be from mommy and daddy and the play with will be unwrapped from Santa. Then they'll also have their stockings from Santa, a present exchange from each other (taking them shopping for that later today) and presents wrapped from Mimi and Pappy (my grandparents) that are at our house . Not to mention the grandparents. 
They are very excited seeing all the presents that are under the tree now and seeing that some of them are for them now! I can't wait for them to open them either. I think they are going to be so thrilled! 

This morning we are having a relaxed/lazy morning. I was planning on hitting the gym but Micah has an extreme lot of green gunk coming out of his nose and that wouldn't be very welcome at the gym so it's cleaning and the kids are playing outside since it's finally stopped raining and isn't too muddy. This afternoon we are taking them shopping for each other and once it's dark, hot chocolate and driving around to look at lights. 


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Traci said...

How fun! I plan on doing some baking Saturday.