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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random ramblings

No babe yet despite my lack of blogging. Just lots of nesting - its been 3 days of as much cleaning and organizing as my very pregnant self can handle. I cleaned out my old sweaters most haven't been worn since pre-Abby, some pre-Micah so I finally got around to deciding to donate most of them. This gave me a whole set of plastic drawers to put in Micah's room and give Abby her full dresser for her clothes. Then I got a few more baskets for the playroom and feel like there is finally plenty of storage for everything!

The mess that resulted from cleaning out my night stand, sorting baby laundry to wash/fold put away and the kids playing with their animals all happening on my bedroom floor.
This disaster area is happily all cleaned up now. The first load of baby clothes and blankets washed, put away or packed to bring the the hospital and all waiting for a sweet babe to join our family. 

I only have one more appt with my midwives before it's baby day. :) I've got things mostly ready. It's been easy/low key with baby number 3. Very little we've needed other than clothes since she's coming in opposite weather of Abby and a car-seat (which I need to install!) Little girl clothes are fun - especially bows. I just got her a sweet dress last week as I realized I had neglected any dresses for her. I can't wait to dress her up as Abby has been quite independent in that aspect since she was 2.

My parents arrived last night and we did Christmas with them and my brother today. I had told Micah they were going to be here in the morning because I had moved him out of his bed into ours to sleep so my parents could have his bed so this morning he woke up and immediately asked if Gigi was in his bed and wanted to go see her/wake her up. We had only told Abby that Gigi and Pops would be here today so that she wouldn't want to stay up waiting knowing they were getting her last night so she woke up and was very excited they were here. The kids were shocked to see how the tree grew presents overnight! Micah quickly wanted to open his but we waited until Uncle Jeremy made it to our house to start present exchange.
We are now enjoying having Gigi and Pops here and hanging out with them. More pictures from Christmas round 2 coming soon but for now we've had a busy day! Hope ya'll have a great New Years holiday weekend!

Tomorrow the tree comes down and all the Christmas decor gets put away. 

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