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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

random ramblings

We had a busy weekend for sure and it's continued into a busy start to the week.

Saturday we had both breakfast with Santa at our gym and Cookies with Santa at Sea World. Then we headed back to Sea World on Sunday to catch a couple of the shows that we didn't hang around for in the rain on Saturday. It wiped me out!

Then Monday we didn't slow down much as we had MOPS in the morning and I had Mentoring Moms that evening. Plus I threw in a much needed grocery shopping trip in between the two. I almost called it an early night that night.... except that Micah, during his refusal to nap, was supposed to be laying down on my bed while I got ready for Sea World on Sunday, moved my ring (the one I probably shouldn't leave laying on my night stand when I'm not wearing it.) By moved I mean threw it between the wall and the crib that is side-carred to our bed. To retrieve it meant moving the bed, which then lead to some cleaning of all dust and tons of other toys that had also been thrown between the bed and the wall.

Yesterday was the final day of Tuesday morning Bible studies so another early morning of being out of the house. The ladies I work with were so sweet and they had put a few little gifts for the new babe and another new babe that will also be joining us in January. I'm so blessed to work with an awesome group of ladies.

Today was finally a day to relax... or more like get my house back in order after a busy few days. I started with hitting the gym though for body pump. Now my legs are feeling it. I did get the kitchen cleaned up, living room picked up and vacuumed, and several loads of laundry done.  My Christmas cards arrived today and they look adorable! I addressed all the ones I have addresses for and now need to track down the rest of the addresses and send them out. That enough was enough to wipe me out for today. Now it's time for Top Chef!

More Elfie mischief and a post on Christmas organization coming soon but for tonight it's a night to close down the computer and lay in bed. :)

Oh and did you catch what Micah was saying in the video in this post?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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