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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elfie's mischief continues

That silly little elf sent to watch Abby and Micah just can't stay out of trouble. He tries to make up for his trouble but sometimes his "helping" just creates more mess. 

Day 8: Abby had a sad day at school on Wednesday and at one point in the afternoon said that she had fewer crayons than everyone else because other kids were taking hers (or asking and she was sharing but not getting them returned) and that other kids called her a tattle tale. This of course makes a pregnant mommy even sadder than it would have otherwise and it makes Daddy sad too. So Elfie thought it would be nice to bring Abby a new box of crayons to bring to school so she'd have all the colors she wanted, and to cheer her up he also brought a Hello Kitty bubble necklace, coloring books and some cars for Micah. 

Day 9: He tried to help fold the laundry but ended up just making a big mess by dumping it all out on the couch.  

Day 10:  We found Elfie reading The Story of Baby Jesus to a couple of Abby and Micah's animal friends. We can't get too caught up with Santa and presents to forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Day 11: Elfie tried to help wrap presents.... but ended up getting all tangled in my twine! 
 Day 12: Our elf has a little sweet tooth and got stuck upside down in the chocolate chips. His trip back from visiting Santa during the night had left him a little bit hungry!
Day 13: Again with the sweet tooth. Elfie just can't get enough! This time he was drinking syrup in the pantry! 
Day 14:  This has been one of my favorites so far. Elfie got very mischievous, dug out the red paint from the craft box and gave the kids and himself Rudolph noses.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the kids red noses but while they were amused later that day thinking about it, they were a little groggy and grumpy that morning!
Day 15: This got a big laugh out of both kids. Micah left all his underwear downstairs, so Elfie took down the stockings and replaced it with a few pairs of Micah's underwear.



Unknown said...

LOVE the underwear one. That's awesome!!

What did Micah say when he woke up?

Traci said...

So cute!!