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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Elfie has arrived

December 1st was a busy day. Not only did we get our Christmas tree but a certain troublesome elf showed up as well. He came very sweetly with a present straight from the North Pole on his first day at our house. He brought some Christmas pj's for Abby and Micah. 
They were oh so happy to see the Elf. Abby had been asking when he would arrive because there is also an Elf that had arrived in her classroom at school. That first night though Abby was very worried about what mess Elfie (as she had named him) would create. She didn't want him making a mess in her room. Beau and I reassured her that we would talk to Elfie and make sure he stayed out of her room. That night he listened and colored her a picture with his favorite colors - red and green. He did make a tiny mess by spilling out all the crayons. 
He even followed us to Austin to keep an eye on two certain little ones. He knew how much they loved playing with Gigi's rollers so he had to try it out himself that morning. 
The next morning in the hotel, he was playing with the traffic cones and Micah's cars but I missed getting a picture of him! 

When we got home he was as anxious as the kids to decorate the tree so while we were sleeping, Elfie tried to lend a tiny elf hand by putting some lights on the tree. We had to go back and put them on the right way but at least he was trying to help instead of making a mess right?
Day 6 - we woke up to Elfie trying to be helpful by packing Abby's lunch for school. He did a good job right? A little bit healthy, a little bit sweet? 
Apparently while Elfie was back at the North Pole giving Santa his report they must have eaten way too many cookies. Day 7 began with a Body Combat workout by our silly elf. He even tried to wear Beau's combat gloves and wraps.

I wonder what kind of mischief he'll get into this next week? Abby and Micah are really loving him being here and running to see what he did each morning.