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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Congratulations Uncle Jeremy!

This weekend we took a little getaway and headed up to see Uncle Jeremy graduate from UT.  We headed up after almost right after Abby was out of school on Friday, the weather was a little yucky but not enough to amount for the slowness of the traffic. It ended up taking us 2 and a 1/2 hours to make a drive that usually takes an hour! The kids were so good on the drive though despite only going 20 miles per hour on the interstate forever! We finally got up to Austin and the kids were happy and surprised to see Gigi and Pops and Mimi and Pappy. I hadn't told them they were going to be there, just that we were going to Uncle Jeremy's, because I love the excited looks on their faces! 

It was dinner time so we headed the Salt Lick BBQ. A little out the way but it's pretty famous (I've seen it on Food Network before) and it was tasty. Both the kids ate well but were most happy when they got some ice cream for dessert. Especially when Gigi added a little rootbeer to it and made them rootbeer floats. 

Saturday morning was the big event and we all watched the graduation ceremony. 
Well mostly... Micah did okay, but a lot of wiggles, so I ended up taking him to walk the halls to run off some of his little boy energy. We did pop back in and were able to watch Uncle Jeremy walk the stage. We did get to walk around with Pappy (my grandfather) a little and I thought this was a really sweet picture. This sweet moment of hand holding, of course, only lasted for about 2 seconds before Micah took off running again. 
Then it was time to celebrate, we ate at what apparently is one of Jeremy's favorites in Austin, Moonshine, and it was very tasty! They had popcorn on the table to start with, which Micah enjoyed quite a bit. 
 Then there was corn dog shrimp and baked brie appetizers and I had smoked Dr. Pepper BBQ chicken for my lunch. We finished of with desserts - served family style.
Micah saw the first plate of dessert go down right next to Uncle Jeremy with ice cream on it and couldn't have gotten into Jeremy's lap fast enough to get some. That baby has my sweet tooth!
Then we finished off the day with a nap for Micah and watching the Tigers win the SEC Championship! GEAUX TIGERS! 
horrible hotel lighting but I had to get a shot of Micah in his jersey for the game! 
Then we headed home this morning after saying bye to all our family. Sad we won't be able to make the drive to Louisiana to see them for Christmas in a few weeks but very happy we were able to see them this weekend!

It's been a busy last week, and we got our Christmas tree set up (but not yet decorated), over half my Christmas shopping is done now, and the Elf has made it into town so lots to blog about but so little time with how busy we've been! I've said it before recently but I'll say it again I hope to be back to regular blogging soon! I don't want to forget everything!

1 comment :

Traci said...

Congrats to your brother! All the food looks & sounds DELISH!!