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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas wreath

Over Thanksgiving while my mom was here, we got crafty and I never shared the finished results of the wreath. Mainly because I just got it hung up yesterday. 

First we painted our letters. Abby and Micah actually had their own letters for a different project to paint as well but Abby still wanted to help with ours as well. 
Then it was time to go to work with the tulle, ornaments and curly floral picks. 
The men were all watching football so while we worked on the wreath and tree skirt the kids watched Lion King on the computer for a little while. 
All finished and hung! It was pretty much done I was just waiting on Beau to give me some fishing line to hang the letter on it with... finally I just went out and stole some off the fishing pole. SHH!  I'm loving how it looks! 
Idea for the wreath totally taken off pinterest by the way. Gotta love pinterest for inspiration! 

1 comment :

Traci said...

It turned out great!