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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas at Sea World

This afternoon, despite the dreary rainy weather we headed out to one of our favorite places.... Sea World! It was extra special today because we got to go have cookies and milk with Santa and Ms. Claus.  It was really a fabulous experience and Sea World did such a fantastic job with wonderful hosts who were all ever so sweet to the kids making it extra special for them! 

Abby and Micah loved the special Sea World stocking and Shamu whale tail Santa hat! 
Not to mention the cookies! Yum - lots of tasty cookies to choose from and milk to go with.
Abby and Micah both loved the attention they got from Ms. Claus and Santa's elf helpers.
 Santa arrived (after snacking on cookies in the kitchen!) and read a story to the kids by the fire place.

After a story, Santa invited the kids up for a picture and to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Abby told us, that she told Santa she wanted a reindeer and that Micah had said he wanted a puppy.  
We thought we had come pretty prepared for the weather with blankets to bundle the kids, umbrellas, the rain cover over the stroller (the first time I've had to use it in a year!) but it was a little too cold and rainy so after a trip through the penguins we had to call it a day. I'm hoping we can catch a break in the rain tomorrow and head back to pick up our annual pass ornament - the kids loved putting the ones from previous years on the tree when we decorated it! I'm excited to see the Clyde and Seamore Christmas show as well as the new Dolphin Christmas and the kids were sad we didn't see any of the shows today so hopefully we'll be able to see those tomorrow.

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