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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

This morning was Breakfast with Santa at the gym. We love it - it's close, relaxed and well organized. We got there around 9:05, signed in and got our breakfast. I let the kids go in their Christmas jammies. They have adorable reindeer shirts I was going to have them wear but we have another Christmas event this afternoon and I didn't want to have to wash the shirts in between because I knew Micah would get messy at breakfast! The kids each got a goody bag full of fun stuff to play with - crayons, coloring book, letter to Santa they could fill out, a parachute Santa/toy solider (which they loved!) and a little foam ornament craft to put together. 

 All the fun goodies kept them so busy they barely ate breakfast.... Beau and I had a good laugh because this is at our gym and the breakfast table is primarily full of sweets and then breakfast tacos. So cinnamon rolls, lemon cake and cookies for breakfast for everyone who didn't like breakfast tacos in our family (meaning everyone except Beau.)
 This is the 3rd year of this and they've got it well organized where we sign in when we get there and since they know us (and most everyone else who comes) they let us know when it's almost our turn so there is no long line to see Santa. We get to eat, play and then go see Santa when they get to our name - which didn't take long at all. This year they had a professional company taking pictures and printed them on the spot. I think they came out pretty cute! Of course we bought one - it's also a fundraiser for the scholarship fund.
Now we are just hanging out, doing a few chores, lunch and naptime before our adventure this afternoon. I'm excited - despite the fact that I'm not sure the weather is going to hold up very well for us. Cold and the rain seems to be moving in a day early but we are going to attempt it anyway.