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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday random ramblings

Two nights ago I started planning our advent list. Tomorrow I need to dig out the calendar I made last year and get it ready to hang with all our activities listed in the envelopes. 
With Abby I made the library a pretty big part of our routine starting from when she was tiny and going to infant story time. (Side note - wow I've been blogging for a long time now!) When Micah joined our family, we had made more friends, had a few more playdates and had also joined the gym and my group ex class addiction usually conflicted with story time. We still hit the library but not as often and not for story time. When Micah got mobile taking two the the library was quite the challenge! Gotta love the reserve online feature our library has where I can pick the books I want, they'll pull them for me and have them ready. We hadn't been in a while though and our cards were all expired - so I took Micah to the library for the first time by himself yesterday. He had a lot of fun picking out books. We happened to be there when a story time was starting and it wasn't very crowded. However Micah lasted all of .02 seconds before he decided picking out his own books was more interesting than sitting and listening to a story. Then he changed his mind so we gave another go at trying story time 2 minutes later.... which lasted all of .05 seconds. 
So we picked out the books we wanted to check out, renewed our cards and got Micah one of his very own. The cards we had from way back in 2008 (I think!) were looking pretty worn and the lamination peeling almost all the way off so we all got brand new cards.
Then because I have a crazy busy little monkey guy, we hit the park across the street from the library to burn off some energy before lunch and naptime. 
My tiny guy shocked me and climbed this all by himself. It's slightly sloped but not too much and pretty tall - slightly taller than me to get to the climbing structure (as in I can walk under the path that leads to the slide without hitting my head) He was so proud of himself - especially when I clapped and praised him after his first time going up. Every time after that he'd get to the top and ask me "see that?" to make sure I saw he did it by himself again. 
This morning we headed back to Bible class after a week off. It was rough getting going in the morning because we're having a cold front and neither Abby nor I wanted to get out of bed. Abby was so sleepy she let me pick out her clothes with no fuss (big deal for her!) so that she could continue laying in bed while I got her clothes. Micah was sad his little buddy Nate wasn't feeling well and wasn't there to play with. He's such a sweet heart and mommy's little boy on Tuesday mornings - he's all fun and running around playing until we get to my classroom to set it up before taking him to his class - then he doesn't want to play, sits on the counter while I get the craft set up and ready. Once that was ready he wanted cuddles and wrapped his arms tightly around my neck. What a sweetie.
The rest of the day was filled with errands, picking up with/after two little tornados that turned the clean living room into a very messy one very quickly, dinner, bath and bed. A busy, full day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less busy - I'm planning on hitting the gym then just finishing chores and craft projects around the house. I think a low key day is needed after two busy days. 

1 comment :

Traci said...

Micah sounds like my nephew. He will not sit still to listen to a story. It makes me sad because I love to read so much.